Date: 16th May 2011 at 10:47am
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In an epic display of bravado several United fans unfurled a 19 banner at Anfield yesterday during the Liverpool Spurs game.

They were of course immediately ejected from the ground- although it could have been a lot worse.



14 responses to “[Picture] United Fans Display ‘MUFC 19 Times’ Banner At Anfield”

  1. scouser dave says:

    hahaha get in

  2. M32 Jibber says:

    Will go down in United folklore.

    Hat doffed.

    19 times

  3. ManUtd_19_from Africa says:

    haha..thank you.

    whoever did that is a legend and should be given a statue outside old trafford.

    • kopite4ever says:

      LOL…you win your 19th Record title and all you lot CAN STILL DO is think about us, its incredible that even after eclipsing our record we are still right under your skin LOL…However it did take you nearly 20 years longer than us to get to 18, we are only a year behind in the cahse for 19… is the weather in London today all you loyal mancs…

      • mzeus says:

        it hurts doesnt it? 🙂

        • inandoutallover says:

          What hurts and who does it hurt, I thought that quote from “kopite4ever” was quite measured, I am footy fan in general and support a lowly team but admire the MUFC achievements over the past 20 years, awesome, but you cannot take it away from LFC either, they did it as the poster above mentioned along time before MUFC did and kept a lead for 19 years, will MUFC be able to hold the record that long..?..dont think so..
          The one thing that does make me chuckle where MUFC are concerned is there un dying love for a manager they protested to get sacked at the start, never see that mentioned anywhere anymore do you, mind you most of the protesters were real die hard fans as back then the glory hunters were not on board were they, I feel for REAL MUFC fans that can no longer get tickets etc..well done MUFC on 19…

      • Keano4eva says:

        Mancs don’t stay in London, douche, they’re in manchester. You 13 or 14 years old? Yet to start on geography?

        And you may be one year behind in the chase for titles, but it don’t change the fact that you are far from title contenders right now. All you scousers seem to think is that now dalgish’s here, you guys are going to actually win the title! Never mind Man Utd, how about chelsea, arsenal, now even Man C? Im sorry I don’t see Liverpool winning the title in the next 10 years. By then you guys wouldn’t just be ‘only one year behind in the chase for 19.’

      • Jimbo says:

        United won 12 titles in 18 years to catch ‘Pool’s record. Quite an incredible record. ‘Pool haven’t won a title in 21 years. But continue clutching to whatever straws you can. You’re quite likely to remain the 2nd most successful team in England for a couple of decades. That’s something to hold on to.

  4. great fergie says:

    with time… The whole world will come know that they’re all united fan. Is undisputed fact that: it flows in me and all human being you can thing of… That’s ‘red blood’ flows in all human vein. THE WORLD UNITE, COS WE’RE UNITED-MANCHESTERLOGY…

  5. mzeus says:

    its called rivalry mate. noting more, lfc fans would do the same and they did it till now. Boasting with their 18 titles

  6. Marvel says:

    havn’t won a title in 21 years? am sure u just became a United supporter 8 days ago n u’re planning to start watching football next season. For d record, regardless of wot a section of the press is sayin, LFC is still the greatest English team n definately ahead of Man u. If u weren’t so biased, u’ll know dat dis is obvious when u look at their trophy cabinet. lets see what happens when ur noisy old man retires n wen refs stop favourin u guys.

    • Tom says:

      > Calls us biased
      > Boasts about LFC’s trophy cabinet

    • Jimbo says:

      Liverpool won their last league title in 1990. That is 21 years ago, maybe they don’t teach you to count to 21 in Mersyside. Here’s an easy way to remember. Put your hands in front of your face. Count the number of fingers. 21.

  7. IhateScousers says:

    The Liverpool trophy cabinet pales in comparison to Man Utd’s, we have more league titles, more FA Cups, only 2 less European/Champiopns Leagues, and loads more charity shields…….You keep dreamin Scousers, I am more than Happy King Kenny is back in charge of you lot, as I know he will do a keegan and bottle it, just like he did at Blackburn. You are doomed to another 21 years of futility – Hahahaaaaaaaaa