Date: 27th May 2011 at 1:14am
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"I know nothing stays the same. but if you're willing to play the game, it'll be coming around again.."

Wazza: "Come on, who swapped my hand cream for super glue?"

Wazza:"Seriously la' I need to get me hands unstuck!"

"@piersmorgan bore off you fat knobhead"

Nev: "i'm telling ya, I retired too early, you lads'll need me"

Smalling: Hi Mum, journey's sh*t so far, got stuck next to Obertan 🙁 luv C x

Fletch: "See how I took the ball, it was never a red"

Fergie: "Six million quid I paid for him!! Can you believe that?"

Pictures courtesy of Tricia at Roy Keane’s Gum. Follow Tricia on twitter @TriciaRKG


2 responses to “[Pictures] The United Squad’s Trip To Wembley”

  1. BillyG says:

    Nice i like the pictures i wish u could send me to my email adress.

    • Justin Mottershead says:

      click on the “roy keane’s gum” mate to get access to Tricia’s site where I got them from