Date: 14th June 2011 at 9:56pm
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44 responses to “[Picture] And City Fans Wonder Why Cristiano Ronaldo Said No”

  1. rolo says:

    dream on del

  2. Rolee says:

    What’s this? Our fans are better looking than your fans? It’s getting really pathetic now, why not buy Heat or another one of them glossy mags if you’re into commenting on how people look. Just for the record City never asked Ronaldo the question.

  3. Dor Hulse says:

    City are the Bridesmaids of football….United is the Bride..
    City are massive you know….;-)

  4. CanFan says:

    Night of the living fuckin dead .

  5. Kyle mcgough says:

    I like Ronaldo still but the thing I don’t like his greed he wants 400k from man city a week if he goes to them and that is y he went to real Madrid for the money

  6. Rochie-mufc says:

    City are a small club that run there mouths fact is yous will never come close to what the super reds have achieved! Yous are a poor side an painful to watch! Manchester is RED! Remember that yas bunch of inbreds!

    • Johnny Red says:

      Look at the Guy in the 2nd row top , Left hand side

      RED Shirt

      ROCK ON

      City , ? sounds a bit like Sh**y

  7. Emmanuelson says:

    Shitty we alwayz be 250 miles back from United.they alwayz want to do wat ever united do.and intead of learnin from the champs(united)they keep runnin their filty mouths…No matter hw crazy millions they spend of playerz they wil never reach the height of the Red Devils!….€mm

  8. Liam Mottershead says:

    I live in Manchester and don’t know one single fan who ever slagged Ronnie off when he left, he’s a united legend and one of a handful of modern players who value their career and winning trophies over money. You know, like the complete opposite of that Argentinian troll who would kiss a swastika if he was paid enough for it. VIVA RONALDOOOO

  9. Bill says:

    You can argue all u like but ur all a bunch of ugly mugs in manchester.

  10. Liverghoul says:

    Whats with u manc fools? ye fight with your own on this site over everything. Tevez wanted to stay but utd wouldn’t pay the cash for him and opted for berbaflop instead. yer also from the same city as city fans so if theyre inbred chances are ye are too….and before ye start questioning why im on this site in the first place, its enjoyable watchin ye fight amongst each other!!