Date: 16th June 2011 at 7:13pm
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Zoran Tosic playing for United

A rare photo of the Serbian playing for United

Zoran Tosic -remember him? At one point labeled the next big thing- ooh the irony – the Serbian failed to live up to his promise at Old Trafford. Here he shows just why big things were expected of him going past four defenders before whipping a cross in for CSKA.



28 responses to “[Video] Why Couldn’t Tosic Be This Good For United?”

  1. eric the king says:

    @ bling- add pique to that list as well. Though at the time he did have Rio & vid in front of him.

  2. Donut says:

    I believe the lad let it slip that Ronaldo was leaving for Madrid (On Serbian radio), well before the deal was announced. He was asked whether he would get more opportunities at Old Trafford and allegedly (I don’t speak Serbian) suggested with Ronaldo leaving he should get plenty of chances next season.

    Faced Sir Alex’s wrath and was given the boot…

  3. casual says:


    where did you get that from? any sources ?

  4. Isaidso says:

    Tosic never impressed in the games he did get for the first team at United. Also I don’t think that clip you showed proves anything, because he like he always mostly does shot it at the GK instead of finding the incoming player. He has speed I will give him that – but that’s all m’thinks!

  5. Red Rupert says:

    doubtful – sounds like something some genius hack has made up

  6. Peter Smith says:

    His agent was known associate of the local Serbian mafia – tried the squeeze

    Ta Ta asshole – not that good – watched the CSKA game he showed up once

  7. matt says:

    I saw him many times in the reserves and he was the worst player onthe pitch on several occasions. He was one of the worst signings I’ve seen and he never deserveda chance basedon his reserve team performances

    Simple as that really.

  8. richard says:

    there wasn’t even a goal at the end of that – my kid looks good on you tube!!!

  9. Matt says:

    Players are not kept for what they do on the pitch only (not that he did much when he was called upon). You do not know what goes on behind closed doors, and you never will, get used to it.

  10. Josh. says:

    Sir fugie neva gave tosic any chance to provd himself. Lykwis Rossi but we knw dat diz guys were gud, but d were neva given any chance. N dat makes fugie stupid old fool. He wil buy playa n kip him 2 play only in reserve tim n hw wud u want d playa 2 improve?. N bcuz of him MANU had 2 loose d champion league twice 2 one club becus of bad selectn.