Date: 30th June 2011 at 6:43pm
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Dimitar Berbatov scores

Could the Bugarian be the key to United's next transfer?

After a few quiet days on the old Samir Nasri to United front, the wonderful interweb has suddenly gone a bit crazy with rumours of medicals being booked and bids prepared.

Whether Arsenal are willing to let Nasri leave, is still open to debate, although the smart money seems to be on Arsene Wenger cashing in on a player with only one year left of his contract, should the midfielder decide he wants to leave.

With Manchester City reportedly being interested in Nasri as well as United, there’s a chance that Arsenal may be able to start something of a bidding war. Realistically though for a player with only a year left on his contract it’s doubtful even City would be willing to pay more than around £20 million.

One way United could tempt Arsenal to part with their French international is by offering a part exchange deal.

It’s no secret that Arsenal are in the market for a striker with Marouane Chamakh stuggling for the second part of last season, Niklas Bendtner seemingly determined to leave and question marks surrounding Robin Van Persie’s ability to complete a full season.

Looking at United’s strikers, its obvious that at least one could leave Old Trafford without it affecting the squad too much.

With Wayne Rooney, Chicharito, Dimitar Berbatov, Michael Owen, Danny Welbeck and Kiko Macheda all available it doesn’t seem unfeasible that at least one could leave.

Let’s be honest Rooney, Chicharito and Owen aren’t going anywhere- the former Liverpool hit man recently signed a one year deal, while the other two are fundamental to the team.

That leaves Berbatov, Welbeck and Macheda as possible pawns in a Nasri deal. Personally I’d hate to see Berbatov leave as I think regardless of whether he’s first choice or not he’s still arguably one of the most gifted players in the Premier League.

Danny Welbeck is a personal favourite of mine I genuinely believe that if the lad was given 30 games next season -due to injury no doubt- he’d easily hit double figures and there’s no doubt he’s got the potential to be a future star.

That just leaves Macheda, who at only 19 is definitely years away from anywhere near his peak and despite the lack of goals on his loan spell at Sampdoria he has scored in the Premier League on several occasions.

Ideally from a United point of view, letting Macheda go to Arsenal may well be worth the risk if it brings a proven attacking midfielder of Nasri’s quality to the club.

A manager with such a penchant for working with younger players may be tempted to sign a player like Macheda who’s raw talent is pretty much without question.

However that’s from arguably an ideal scenario for United, there’s no denying that of all the strikers potentially available, Berbatov or Welbeck would offer the greater benefits for Arsenal. Both players have a proven Premier League pedigree, both are hugely talented and while Welbeck has youth on his side, Berbatov would bring an entire different dimension to the Arsenal side.

If I was Arsene Wenger and knew that Nasri was destined to leave then gaining a striker of Berbatov’s quality would be something of a dream scenario, although whether Sir Alex Ferguson would be willing to lose the Bulgarian is doubtful.

With a player of Nasri’s quality on the table, someone who could arguably fit into the vacant hole left by Paul Scholes the United boss may be willing to lose a striker who wasn’t deemed important enough for the Champions League squad.

Would United fans welcome Nasri at the expense of last season’s top scorer, would Arsenal fans be willing to see a former Spurs star at the Emirates? Or have I gone off the deep end (again)? Feel free to comment, suggest and abuse below.



24 responses to “Could Dimitar Berbatov Hold The Key To Samir Nasri Deal?”

  1. Jack says:

    tbh i still struggle to see arsenal selling nasri to a rival and letting berba go to one would be a risk too.

    however if the only way to get him was to give up berba i would as long as we replaced him.

    you list those strikers but in reality if we when into a big game needing to win only rooney and hernandez could be replied upon at the moment.

    also nasri isnt really a scholes replacement as his more attack minded.

  2. aman says:

    With Chico playing probably way too much football in his first year and then winning the Gold Cup, I doubt he’ll hit the ground running at the start of the season with SAF probably wanting to rest him! Berba will be staying

  3. English media is 5hit says:

    did all those wenger-baiting c**ts in the printed rags all come back from their holidays and decide to resume the traditional unsubstantiated used toilet paper hypothesising about AFC players because a week of modric stories to CFC/Manure etc was enough of spreading 5hit around another club?

    I 5hit on manure, chavski, and barcac**ta.

  4. IVOR says:

    Clearly City will outbid United and Wenger would be happier to flog him to City, too. The question then become whether Nasri would want to go to City or not. They have a lot of midfielders already, that’s for sure. Nasri would have to insist on United, wch somehow I just don’t see. Hmmm!

  5. united4evra says:

    Berba + cash 4 Nasri would be a great deal for all parties involved in such a deal – makes good sense!

  6. Scott says:

    That would be awesome.. Though it won’t happen..

  7. MUAlberta says:

    Gotta agree with aman on this point. Berbatov will definitely be staying with United this season. No way he goes anywhere. With Hernandez going the distance and more this year, Berba will be needed to start the campaign. Plus, Fergie’s strategy has always been to have enough quality players to field nearly two first teams. The season is a long one, especially on 4 fronts – EPL, CL, FA and Carling Cups. Injuries occur, players get fatigued, and the loss of someone up front with Berba’s talent would be a huge loss to the team. Add to this the fact that Berba bleeds ManU red and will fight for the team, even if he has to stay on the bench quite a bit, and the case for me is settled. Even at 30+ years old, he has the talent to win those bumpy games that come along many times in a season. In SAF we trust.

  8. berbafan says:

    With RVP being injured often, Berba could easily lift another PL Golden Boot next season by joining Arsenal

  9. J bravo says:

    I’ll have luv 2 c Nasri much at United, but i dont c d deal goin thru. Berba to Arsenal? Anyway he is free gift of nature, let him b part of d deal. SAF pls get us Nasri n Barca will c no peace next season. A player i wuld verily want in dat team as well Ever Banega of Valenci, d lad is very very talented. Pls go 4 him.

  10. Sham says:

    nasri w’ll be bettr replcment for paul schools, however nasri is not the really replecment for pual schools , i wud like sir w’ll keep berb nasri we want cash money plz keep berbe becouse we trust him