Date: 12th July 2011 at 4:52pm
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"@piersmorgan bore off you fat knobhead"

I love Rio Ferdinand, I really do, even when he’s in his “you’ve just been merked, check out my latest Brit flick” mode, but his latest idea is just, well, pants really.

Rio tweeted: “Baseball All-Star game tonight, TV coverage is quality. We need a PL All-Star game too — the powers that be let’s talk and develop this.”

before adding: “Replace the Community Shield with #premierleagueallstarteam?”

While it may have been a tongue in cheek suggestion, many news outlets have already picked up on it with The Sun taking some time off from -allegedly- hacking phones to run a poll which at the time of writing in 78% in favour of the United defender’s suggestion.

Rio tweeted his own poll later:
“fans vote for north vs south All-Star teams to play against each other at end of the season #premierleagueallstarsgame”

Why do I not like the idea? Simple I don’t want to even pretend I’d be fully behind a team containing the likes of Carlos Tevez and Steven Gerrard. It’s hard enough supporting England at times but at least there’s a point to it. Would I want to stand next to some bin dipper, celebrating a Luis Suarez goal? Could you really imagine applauding Nigel De Jong for making a tackle?

Thanks, but no thanks. I may not be the Charity, sorry Community Shield’s biggest fan- in fact I’m not even going this year, but the idea of placing my lovely Chicharito in the same dressing room as Andy Carroll actually sickens me.

Am I being too narrow-minded? Is it really that bad an idea? Or is Rio just looking for another excuse to put Fernando Torres in his pocket again? Answers on a brick thorugh the usual window please.

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5 responses to “Thanks, But No Thanks Rio Ferdinand”

  1. Aaron says:

    From this story you sound like a complete twat.

  2. Hamza says:

    Yes you are being narrow minded and actually it would be a great idea, it would add something different to the calendar and as all proceeds go to charity anyway it would generate more revenue, it may also prevent seeing the same old teams every year battle it out. Your argument is flawed because any of the players barr a few could play for United eventually so why feel so aggrieved. It’ll also add spice to a North vs South Rivalry.

  3. Jonathan says:

    I see your point, but it’s a good platform for good players from lesser teams to get profile. Most all-star formats ensure each team is represented. It gives a chance for fans for smaller clubs to see their club and its star(s) garner a bit of profile.

  4. Tithe Farm CANTONA says:

    i agree100% wiv motty. The whole idea stinks of yank,. The CHARITY Shield doesnt really do much for me, although im massively looking fwd to the one up and coming, but please….PL Allstars!! are you having a laugh ?? RIO put down the tweet and get back on the ps3 ffs

  5. Steve Crabtree says:

    I agree Justin. Football is turning plastic enough without something like this.

    I’d rather see the traditional season opener of the cup winners versus the champions. Regardless of how important the outcome of it is.