Date:12th July 2011 at 4:52pm
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"@piersmorgan bore off you fat knobhead"

I love Rio Ferdinand, I really do, even when he’s in his “you’ve just been merked, check out my latest Brit flick” mode, but his latest idea is just, well, pants really.

Rio tweeted: “Baseball All-Star game tonight, TV coverage is quality. We need a PL All-Star game too — the powers that be let’s talk and develop this.”

before adding: “Replace the Community Shield with #premierleagueallstarteam?”

While it may have been a tongue in cheek suggestion, many news outlets have already picked up on it with The Sun taking some time off from -allegedly- hacking phones to run a poll which at the time of writing in 78% in favour of the United defender’s suggestion.

Rio tweeted his own poll later:
“fans vote for north vs south All-Star teams to play against each other at end of the season #premierleagueallstarsgame”

Why do I not like the idea? Simple I don’t want to even pretend I’d be fully behind a team containing the likes of Carlos Tevez and Steven Gerrard. It’s hard enough supporting England at times but at least there’s a point to it. Would I want to stand next to some bin dipper, celebrating a Luis Suarez goal? Could you really imagine applauding Nigel De Jong for making a tackle?

Thanks, but no thanks. I may not be the Charity, sorry Community Shield’s biggest fan- in fact I’m not even going this year, but the idea of placing my lovely Chicharito in the same dressing room as Andy Carroll actually sickens me.

Am I being too narrow-minded? Is it really that bad an idea? Or is Rio just looking for another excuse to put Fernando Torres in his pocket again? Answers on a brick thorugh the usual window please.

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