Date: 19th July 2011 at 1:49am
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Manchester City Vancouver

Vancouver prepares for the arrival of literally hundreds of City fans

The ‘noisy neighbours’ just keep getting louder as Manchester City’s tour of North America has shown the club’s massive global appeal is now outshining that of United’s.

The FA Cup winner’s historic match against Club America’s was watched in front of a staggering 11,000 fans in San Francisco a few days ago.

City triumphed with goals from Edin Dzeko and Shaun Wright Phillips.

One onlooker said:”I’d never heard of Manchester City and at first was a tad disappointed it wasn’t United playing, however seeing Gary Coleman get on the scoresheet was a real bonus.”

While City were enthralling 11,000 spectators, United had to make do with a crowd of just over 50,000 in their game against New England Revolution.

A City insider said: “The fact that United could only manage 40,000 more fans for their US tour opener than we did just highlights how the tide is turning, City are not just a massive club, were now a really massive one.”

In another clever twist City have struck a deal with computer game manufacturers EA Sports which will see the club take a leading role in the game FIFA 12.

The Manchester Evening Blues took time off from writing ‘help-keep-Carlos-Tevez-in-a-city-he’s-shown nothing-but-contempt-for’ petitions to report: “The deal comes as it was revealed that City are now the eighth most played team in the world on Fifa 11, which it is claimed has been the fastest-selling sports game ever.”

A club insider gushed: “Being the eighth most played team on a computer game is yet another momentus chapter in the club’s history, ranking up their with the time we had the highest floodlights in England and Curly Watts’s support. It will also give us a realistic chance of Champions League glory.”

There was more good news for City fans with the confirmation that todays game against Vancouver will go ahead, despite reports it had been cancelled due to lack of interest.

A Vancouver spokesman said: “Carlos Tevez is overrated and Sergio Aguero will be a much better player for the Manchester City blue team, who are a massive club.”


37 responses to “Manchester City Put United In The Shade With Triumphant US Tour”

  1. steve says:

    what a cock…obviously worried about city and using a little reverse psychology to make you feel a bit more secure about your team.

  2. Ben says:

    Chimps can type, massive turnout just like your victory parade…hehe that was the funniest thing I’ve seen.

  3. CCcracker says:

    Talking about attendances, City will soon have a larger capacity ground than United.

    • José says:

      Are there not enough empty seats in wastelands at the minute??

      • CCcracker says:

        Not as many as there will be at Old Trafford, the Theater of Nightmares.

        • Jonathan says:

          Makes sense Old Trafford’s known as the theatre of nightmares to City fans, as it has been the place of countless horrors inflicted upon your team.

        • Red Mick says:

          oi…. ccCUNT…. that was witty!! Your pisshole council house sells out once a year…. against United. Cant wait for the sheikh to piss off and you bitter cunts to crawl back to where you belong!!….

          …. and Curly Watts is a cunt.

  4. MostonRed says:

    MASSIVE by the bitters. Their arrogance and lack of class is winning over no one. Silly little berties.

  5. GaryD says:

    Where’s your tevez gone berties? He left us because he couldnt get in the team, he left you even though he ran your shitty club himself? Haha. This is how it feels to be city, this is how it feels to small.

  6. Gumbo Man says:

    Ha ha ha, world domintation not going as planned for the Bitter blues. Maybe they’re in the US because they found out United were going there and thought they might be able to trick a few fans.

    Really great article Oliver, I loved the bit about Fifa 11. You should team up with this guy:

  7. Anneeq Anwar says:

    Meh who cares, with money you get more interest, u saw that with chelsea and u see it now with city.

    Its Man Utd that have put Manchester on the international map, and its them who are the most popular globally. People talk of this tide turning, the day city win the prem, then il accept that the gap is narrowing. Until then please stop posting daft comments like city are on their way up, and also my personal favourite ‘City’s glory years were the 70s and now they’re on their way back.’ Thats rubbish, they have never had glory years, they’ve always been an average team and it took a billionaire oil tycoon to simply make them presentable, it remains to be seen whether he’ll make them true winners…………

  8. CCcracker says:

    Is Old Trafford in Salford or Stretford?

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