Date: 21st July 2011 at 12:48pm
Written by:
Ravel Morrison

Let's not forget what a girfted footballer he can be

Another day, another Ravel Morrison could be in trouble story, this time with reports the teeanger has been interviewed over more harassment claims.

The Guardian notes:

” Ravel Morrison, Manchester United’s immensely talented but troubled young footballer, has been interviewed by police over new allegations of harassment.

” Morrison, ranked as potentially one of the pre-eminent footballers of his generation, is already the subject of a 12-month referral order after two court cases within the past six months, and the 18-year-old has been warned that if he breaks that order he will be sent to prison for a year.

” He has also been advised by a district judge to seek counselling about domestic abuse after twice being arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend – both cases were dropped because she would not give evidence – and receiving a police caution for assaulting his mother.

“The latest case follows a complaint from the family of a teenage mugging victim who gave evidence against two of Morrison’s friends in a robbery trial last year.”

We’ve alway been fervent supporters of Morrison at this site and as I’ve said in the past the times I’ve spoken to him, he’s seemed fairly polite, albeit a little rough round the edges.

If there is to be any formal charges made against the youngster though, it may well spell the the end for his Manchester United career as you cannot imagine Sir Alex having much patience left.

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8 responses to “Say It Ain’t So Ravel!”

  1. scio says:

    🙁 Great talent, but if you dont apply its worthless. I just hope this is better than the story sounds.

    • mick says:

      better than it sounds???? it could hardly be worse could it? beats up his girlfriend continually, beats up his mother!, threatens the family of some poor sod who his “mates” mugged!…..the guy is scum, don’t care how good a footballer he is , as a human being he is garbage, get rid!!!!!

  2. Isele says:

    The lad should be careful, he can have a great career and a great life if he stays out of trouble. Still he is innocent until proven guilty and i hope there is no truth in the allegations.

  3. Ian Feetham. Australia says:

    Having gone down a similar track to Ravel many years ago,i believe it is the leeches and hangers on who are giving Him a belief in his own invincability, untill Ravel understands himself that these false so called friends will desert him at the drop of a hat when it suits them leaving him holding the bag with his life in tatters will he realise what he has lost,
    There is an opportunity for Ravel to become one of Manchesters most important citizens and a hero to millions around the world, i myself value friendship highly but the right friendships are priceless, at sixteen i was headed for the remand
    home, but a court showed a little faith in me and allowed me to join the Merchant Navy, now after over fifty years service travelling the world,i have now retired and enjoying the memories of a wonderful life, what a pity Ravel we were not born around the same time, i have a feeling we would have been great mates.good luck to you lad.

  4. Youths the way to go says:

    PLZ No he is all ready one my favourite players

  5. bmgi_7615 says:

    Stupid c*unt!! 🙁

    Why would he waste so much talent on being a girl-beater. Man-up and use your potential on something good for a change, Ravel!

    If you don’t, you can just rot away in that miserable pond of sh*t, that you’ll have to call your life.

    You’ll be an embarrasment to Manchester United.

  6. marky boy says:

    Complete shit bag.He deserves to be banged up.We don`t need scum like that at the club.No excuse for domestic abuse.

  7. Night life says:

    Presumably SAF would have had many a word with this rising star but flawed youth, it seems apparent he’s not prepared to listen to Fergies advice so I don’t see much hope for the lad, I hope I am wrong and he realises what he could be throwing away but don’t hold your breath!