Date: 2nd August 2011 at 10:59pm
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Could Dimitar be playing in Ligue 1 next season?

In the post-match interview after the Manchester United Select XI’s 8-2 defeat in the charity match against Marseille at Monaco’s Stade Louis II stadium, Sir Alex Ferguson may have more or less confirmed that Dimitar Berbatov could be on his way to PSG. 

French reporter: “Could Berbatov play with Paris?”

Sir Alex Ferguson replied: “Yes, absolutely, no problem.”

In the same interview the issue of Wesley Sneijder came up. Sir Alex Ferguson branded that as just paper talk. The interview can be seen below.

It does seem possible that Sir Alex Ferguson misunderstood the question. Whether he did or not, I suppose only he knows…

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18 responses to “Sir Alex Ferguson Confirms Berbatov Could Be Sold”

  1. the interveiwers a total babe, who cares!!

  2. seun olufoye says:

    berba’s going? Praise Jibers!

  3. Bob deacon says:

    Could berbatov play for Huddersfield? Yes.. He could..

  4. Devil310 says:

    It’s a cynical response for a bad formulated question, FS!

    -Do you think Berba can play in Paris?
    –Yes he can (laughs)

  5. Anneeq Anwar says:

    Good riddens! Hes been bringing th team down, and the 30 mill price proved to be way way way way way way over the top for such an average player. I actually thought he’d kick off his career once he those 5 goals against blackburn but alas the same old average player carried on wasting the dressing room seat and the seat on the old trafford bench….

  6. great player i would like him to stay but if he does go then i think that one of the younger players should be given a chance and owen

  7. gonzalo says:

    I think the title is incomplete.
    to me he clearly misunderstood the question, therefore such strange answer. Berba’s staying.

  8. samwise says:

    it sounds like she said, could berbatov play with torres