Date: 5th August 2011 at 3:59am
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Wayne Rooney overhead kick


City’s least favourite striker and goal of the season winner Wayne Rooney has wasted no time in letting Stockport’s finest know his intetnions for this Sunday’s Wembley encounter.

The SunĀ  notes:

Wayne Rooney is determined to start the new season ‘with a bang’ – by putting Manchester City in their place in Sunday’s Community Shield shootout.

The Manchester United striker insists the prospect of a fiercely-contested derby before the Premier League campaign gets underway has given pre-season training an extra edge.

Rooney explained: “You couldn’t get better motivation to start the season with a bang.

“It’s a great way to start pre- season training, knowing at the end of the hard work, before the games begin, there’s a Manchester derby.

“Playing City in the Community Shield is the best way to start.

“I hadn’t even thought about it until I turned on the telly the other night and someone was talking about potentially the best Community Shield ever.”

Rooney has a great record against City in recent derbies and was bitterly disappointed David Bernstein did his best to get him banned from the FA Cup semi final. Here’s hoping he’s up for puting our far less successful neighbours back in their place.

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7 responses to “Wayne Rooney Issues Manchester City A Warning”

  1. yustaq says:

    wembly… Here we go… We’re united… MANCHESTERLOGY

  2. Mark says:

    Should be a good game but it seems like a daft idea to drag everyone down to London, especially seeing as though a lot of United fans will already have forked out for Pal Scholes’ testimonial! This link is a spoof report on the community shield

    • Strongy says:

      Drag everyone down to London??? Not “everyone” mate, half the ManUre glory hunters will be from London!!

  3. it going to be a good game

  4. Mr Bluesky says:

    After all this shouting from Cantona & Rooney, you’re gonna look a bit stupid if City whoop your ass ‘Again’ !!

  5. pedmachine says:

    Like this realy matters. Rooney is like all those others who’ve piped up recently – Neville, Giggs, Cantona, Robson and even Ferguson. They are beset with City and it is clear that a sense of nervousness pervades the green and golders of Stretford. Build your bridge boys. The time is now.

  6. Tonka Norris says:

    I’ll believe it’s City’s time when they can get as many in to see their biggest, biggest game, as United can get in to a friendly to say good bye to a retiring player. Glory hunters from London? On a Friday night for a friendly? Yeah, right!

    At some clubs players stay and play. In others they come to realize that even the mega money isn’t worth the shame of slumming it.

    But it’d be worth having City win the Community Shield this week. The rest of the country can piss themselves laughing at the victory parade, or hear the talk about ‘our second major trophy’