Date: 16th September 2011 at 4:42pm
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The Glazers

More money heading the Glazers way?

United could find themselves being the next pawn in the ‘Qatari world domination of football’ as soon as next week if reports are to be believed.

The Mirror notes:

Manchester United are a £1.5billion-plus target for a new takeover bid by the Qatari royal family.

Top Middle East sources revealed last night that an official approach to the Glazer family is being made and a deal could even be clinched by next week.

The American owners – who have angered fans by running one of the world’s top clubs in their own controversial way – could be open to doing business, despite past refusals.

The super-rich Qataris think United is a good deal – even at the profit it would make for the current rulers and other shareholders.

Qatar has already won the right to host the World Cup finals in 2022 and some of their wealthy elite have bought into top European projects at Spanish club Malaga and French giants Paris St Germain.

Now United is the prize – although the exact identity of the buyer is being kept under wraps.

The Mirror understands that a delegation from the Qatari royal family, headed by Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, will be in Manchester on Monday in a bid to conclude the deal.

Any deal which sees the Glazers finally leave Old Trafford would be welcomed by the vast majority of Reds, while one of the richest families in the world pumping money into the club should hardly be a bad thing.

With United possessing a young vibrant squad, a huge cash injection is arguably not needed, although it could give Sir Alex’s successor a big help when the time finally does come for someone to take over the Old Trafford hot seat.

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22 responses to “‘Qatari £1.5 Billion Deal For United Could Be Clinched Next Week’”

  1. Craig says:

    Karl – you could be right, shame about the shape of your head. Are you the real?

  2. AJ says:

    i think the deal should take place.. U could see city built a gud team that could challenge any team now purely with MONEY.. City have come from nothing.. If so, Utd having already established themselves could go on to become the true INVINCIBLES the world had ever seen…

  3. Bred Red says:

    Well, well, well. same old, same old. The Daily Mirror is a trash newspaper with trash reporters who are without ethics.

    Since the Glazers bought Manchester United the team have still won many trophies and accolades, been treated like shite by the F.A, even though it is United who provide a majoerity of players for the different England squads, they crucify United players at every opportunity irrespective of a previously established criteria, ala Rooney, Ferdinand etc etc. United are still up there winning trophies, buying the players SAF deems we need so maybe the Glazers are only the owners, not managers etc of Manchester United. United have succeeded where others have failed, even if we do have Yank owners.

    I backed off when we won number 19.

    I do however have one question I would like the Glazers to answer, whatever happened to the £80,000,000 we sold Cristiano for?

  4. ChrisW says:

    This story again? Last time it surfaced it turned out to be entirely fictional. The Qataris denied they had any intention of buying United. Why should it be any different this time?

  5. REGHAN says:

    I hope that deal fails to happen and the Qataris buy some other team. I’d hate it from a neuttral football fan’s point of view to have only one super team dominating and as it is Manchester United is already the team to beat. SAF’s team will be too strong and it’ll take the challenge out of football and only the Man Utd fans will enjoy that

  6. Toby says:

    Could this just be a ploy by the Glazer’s PR firm in the middle east to pump up their valuation of Manchester United whilst the team is floated on the Singapore Stock Exchange??

    • Callum says:

      At the moment the glazers are struggling to get people to invest in high percentages on the Singapore because they overvalued it

  7. Rajnair says:

    I hope it’s not one of those reports by the papers to increase their sales. I sincerely hope that the Qatar royal family are serious about buying over MU in order to rid the club of its present owners and allow it to compete with its noisy neighbours in terms of buying the best players that are available in the market.

  8. Imam says:

    We wish dis to be don, Nice deail