Date: 23rd September 2011 at 4:30pm
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Owen Hargreaves celebrates against Arsenal

you definitely CANNOT sh*g my wife now son

have relaesed an offical response to the criticism levelled at the club’s medical staff by Hargreaves.

The former midfielder claimed he was treated like a “guinea pig” by the club’s doctors during his treatment.

The club statement is as follows:

is disappointed with Hargreaves’ remarks after the game on Wednesday.

“The Club gave him the best possible care for three years and is as disappointed as anyone he was not able to play a part in the team’s success at that time. It has shared all the medical records with and is comfortable with the actions taken by its medical staff at each step of his many attempts at rehabilitation.

does not acknowledge any validity in the comments is alleged to have made.

United has some of the best sports medical staff in world sport, who have made a significant contribution to United’s on-pitch success in recent seasons.”

Hargreaves’ decision to publicly criticise the club’s medical staff is both surprising and disappointing and somewhat confusing considering he claimed he wanted to stay at United rather than be released.

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