Date: 5th September 2011 at 12:12am
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"CR7 who?!"

Nani has been speaking of his determination to move out of the ‘next Ronaldo’ label shadow and build on the success of last season.

The Portuguese winger told Inside United magazine:

“Last year was my best year, definitely my most consistent season.”

 “Now I hope this is my year. I will do my best. If I am fit for every game, I am 100% sure I will do my best and will do well for my team. This is a big chance to show I can do much more, that I’m a good player with a very strong mentality. I always work hard to be successful and help my team to win titles.”

Speaking of how long he’d been at the club Nani said:

“It’s true. I’m one of the old players now. This is my fifth season here and yes, five years is enough to learn everything about this club. I’ve been in the most important moments of this club in the last few years, and it’s great, the life I’ve had here.”

Nani seems destined to be forever in Ronaldo’s shadow sometimes, a view that he’s aware of himself:

“For five years, every time the question is the same,” he said. “It’s all about Ronaldo. You have to be him. Are you doing the same? Do you think you can do it now?

“Always when I do something good it’s the same. When I do OK, it’s nothing. When I do something very good, they come with this question about him. But it’s OK. It doesn’t change anything in me. This is my fifth year here and people know what I can do. Sometimes I play a nice game, sometimes I play not such a fantastic game, but I think everyone knows me and what I can do. Maybe my form has to be more consistent and my performances in the past should be like that.

“Now I’m in this position I’m more confident, more consistent. I can do for 90 minutes what in the past I just did for 45, and that’s the most important thing.

“I don’t need to show anything to anyone because I know who I am, which player I am, and now I just need to put everything on the pitch.

“When I do that, I do it for me, for my family and for my team. Of course I know when I do that, it’s always for the fans as well.

“They take everything good from the game. They love goals and skills as well. But I don’t do it for the media because when you try to do it for the media, nothing goes well. I think the most important thing is to be natural and play the way you are.”

Nani seems to have got over the small slump he suffered at the end of last season, and while he’s still not firing on all cylinders he’s still been a threat and if he can repeat the form he showed for the first two thirds of last season then maybe that Ronaldo shadow can finally be removed.

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22 responses to “‘For Five Years It’s Always Been The Same, It’s All About Ronaldo’”

  1. teddinho says:

    It is a shame and i can not even understand why our own fans hate nani so much to the extend that whatsoever thing he does be it gud or bad seem frustrating in their eyes. if rooney does ugly thing on the pitch no one complains if valencial deliver 27 crosses 3 of which are gud and acurate than he is the best. love nani or hate him he is the best winger at the club in the presence of even young. wit n see if young can be consistent for united or can overshadow nani. for me i can bet my last this is nani season no doubt wait and see dont grade him from just 3 game. few days ago nani nearly made ur tongues to come out through joy against the citizen and u were speechless. i got this feelings that its is ferguson that kick starts this hatre for nani nt you so sorry bt when fergie start to appreciate nani by playing him ahead of defensive winger VALENCIA in big games u will be left with no options but to love him.

  2. lununcle says:

    i like Nani a lot….he has great skill, good control and is not afraid of running into opponent’s defence….when there was suggestion of including him in the deal for Sneijder during the summer, I did not think that was a good idea at all…i have no problem of him being selfish as long as he scores with those chances…

  3. adaye says:

    guys u have eyes but u cant see. may be u have a natural hate for nani. nani is a very good player but this does not mean that he has to be perfect all the season or 90mins on the pitch. even players like Rooney make errors every time n then but u guys u say nothing. sometimes u guys suck when ur just watch nanis mistakes only. may be ferguson is responsible…sorry to say. nice time dudes!

  4. Kitkat says:

    Edit: number 19, I’m getting ahead of myself 😉

    But in all honesty, I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees the stupid hatred he has to endure at United. It’s ridiculous and it needs to stop. He’s one of our own for Christ’s sake.

  5. Alex says:

    Nani is a fantastic player. Even when he’s not at his best, you can almost feel the fear of the other team when he gets the ball in a dangerous position. Could be rememberd as a united legend if he stays here for his whole career.

  6. Tope says:

    Nani is a great player but has to work against selfishness.

  7. Ez says:

    ask yourself… If Nani is selfish, how many Assists has he had in his all career? And compare that wit Valencia… Oh and goals too!
    Get those stats you’l be surprised!