Date:12th September 2011 at 6:15pm
Written by:
Tom Cleverley

The United midfielder will be out for four weeks

Kevin Davies has apologised for the challenge which has put Tom Cleverley out of action for a month.

Davies told Sky Sports “Tackle-wise I’ve not seen it back. I spoke to Tom Cleverley.”

He added: “I was made to believe he had got a fracture or something so when I got home, I didn’t realise after the game, I’ve seen the reports going on with the game so I put a call in to him and he was fine.

“I’m pleased there was no serious damage to him. After that, it was a tackle which maybe I mis-timed and I got a yellow card which was just deserved, so for me I’m not sure what it’s all about.”

“If I’d have known of course I would’ve gone to see him. So that’s why I got his number and put a call in. I actually texted him and he rang me back, he said he’d seen the tackle and didn’t think it was that bad.

“So it’s all fine, it’s all done and dusted for me, it’s a contact sport, it’s a derby, I was trying to do my bit for Bolton to win the game. It’s a side of my game. For me it’s done and you move on.”
Davies’s challenge on Cleverley was reckless to say the least, but his subsequent foul on Patrice Evra was even worse.

Sir Alex Ferguson was right in his prediction that Davies would cause harm to United’s players- next time maybe we should get Phil Jones to mark him.

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