Date: 5th October 2011 at 9:18pm
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Welbeck Hernandez

"It's me at Anfield son"

It’s a simple question and one had I asked at the very beginning of the season, would have seemed like a no-brainer in favour of the Mexican.

Last season Chicharito was arguably the biggest positive in United’s entire campaign bursting onto the scene with a series of memorable and important goals that quickly established him as one of the world’s most lethal young strikers.

While Chicharito was bagging goals with aplomb for United, Danny Welbeck was busy impressing, albeit to a lesser degree at Sunderland. The Mancunian may not have set the scoring charts alight but he did bag some important strikes and proved he could hack it in the Premier League, a lesson United took heed of. 

This season, Welbeck has stepped it up a gear, scoring freely and linking up with the likes of Cleverley, Anderson, Nani and Rooney to give United the sort of football that’s often been missing these past couple of seasons. Meanwhile Chicharito, recovering from a head injury picked up in pre-season, hasn’t been able to enjoy a real run in the side yet, although he’s still managed to bag a brace of goals at the Reebok.

Welbeck’s actually played one less league game than Chicharito- mainly due to a hamstring picked up against Arsenal, but has shone since his return bagging two goals against Basel and a late nerve calmer in the last league game versus Norwich.

The question then is who should start against Liverpool at Anfield a week on Saturday? Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, who took the Premier League by storm last season or Danny Welbeck, who’s done something not too dissimilar this season? 

Personally, I think you should start the form player in a game that should United win, would give us the boost to make our start to the season almost unreal. Welbeck couldn’t have done much better this season and while Chicharito is definitely a big game player, I feel he’d be more useful coming off the bench should he be needed than Welbeck would.

It’s a great problem for Sir Alex to have to wrestle and either way there’s no real wrong answer, why not comment below or vote on our poll to the right of this post to tell us which young striker you’d start against the dippers?

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43 responses to “Danny Welbeck Or Chicharito At Anfield?”

  1. Michael Zimmern says:

    Chica should be up there with Rooney, they have undeniable chemistry, Chicharooney all the way!!!!!!

  2. Salford lad says:

    I don’t think Welbeck is a better player than Chicha, they are completely different kind of players. Imho Chicha is a game changer, for that reason I would use him after the oponent has settle down in the field and change their marking strategies.

  3. Lionel says:

    I would start Welbeck for now because Chicharito has been knocked out of two matches and probably needs some time off or to come off the bench for a few weeks and it helps that at the moment Welbeck is scoring goals so start Welbeck and if you need a spark then bring in Chicharito.

  4. lamar says:

    i say welbeck

  5. Daniel says:

    Chicharito should start. Best striker perfect game for chicha

  6. Manchester crazy says:

    Looks like we should stop asking these questions. Chicharito saved us from a loss. I say start him next time and secure a win.