Date: 22nd October 2011 at 8:12pm
Written by:
Wayne Rooney

Will Wazza be roaring tomorrow?

Tomorrow’s game is yet another ‘biggest derby ever’ in a growing list of must-win Man City clashes for United.

Last season every derby game was treated with the same hype, although this time round their is a little bit more substance to all the hysteria. City are top of the league, United haven’t dropped points at home in over a season and should City do the unthinkable and take all three on offer, then the title race would definitely swing in their favour. It wouldn’t be just the five points that United had to make up, it would be the psychological boost that an Old Trafford win would give City, the players, manager and fans.

Let’s face facts though, titles aren’t won in October and we’ve seen United turn around much bigger deficit in a much shorter period of time over the years, so while a loss would hurt- especially to those of us living in Manchester, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Regardless of whether United could bounce back from a loss, or if a draw would be such a travesty, one thing’s for certain, should the Reds win tomorrow, it would give us a massive boost and remove much of the bravado from our ‘noisy neighbours.’ If the Reds are to prevail then we need all our players to be firing on all cylinders, and if we’re totally honest that hasn’t always been the case in recent weeks.

There’s a small group of players who’ve let their standards slip somewhat and who could do with regaining their early season form to help United grab a vital victory.

The Brazilian was absolutely awesome at the beginning of the season, dominating the middle of the park and galvanising those around him. Lately though his performances have flitted between anonymous and wasteful as he seems to have lost his way. Many cite the absence of Tom Cleverley alongside him as a mitigating factor and with doubts over the United youngster’s chances of making the starting line-up tomorrow, Anderson cannot use that as an excuse, he needs to regain his early season form. City’s midfield is full of quality players and Unted cannot afford any passengers.

Rio Ferdinand.
Ferdinand’s not had the easiest last few weeks, with injuries and a bit of a shocker against Basel, before giving away a free kick -albeit harshly- that led to Liverpool’s goal at Anfield. While I don’t for one second believe that Rio is ‘past it’ there’s no denying that a lack of football and all the injuries can cause him problems. With City’s strikers all scoring freely, Ferdinand, who was rested for the trip to Romania on Tuesday, will have his work cut out and needs to be at his best.

Ashley Young
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been very impressed with the former Villa player’s performances since he arrived at Old Trafford, but can’t help feeling his last few shifts in a Red shirt haven’t been quite as effective as the first few. I know he scored against Basle but overall since – and including- the Stoke away game, he doesn’t seem to be quite at the races. Young was something of a revelation when he arrived, with stunning performance after stunning performance, he needs to rekindle that form for the biggest game of the season so far.

Wayne Rooney
I know many of you will think I’ve gone in off the deep end saying Rooney needs to ‘pull his socks up’ after all he scored a brace in his last game. Let’s be honest though, going back to the Chelsea game, has he really looked the same player we saw at the start of the season? Against Norwich he was below par to say the least, while for the Galati game, he did convert his two penalties but it was hardly a vintage showing against what was very average opposition. Rooney seems to revel in the debry atmosphere- particularly at Old Trafford and we need him to show the sort of form we witnessed against the likes of Arsenal and Spurs.

Tomorrow’s game is set to be a nerve jangling affair, but if these four players are at the top of their game, I think United can send City back to Eastlands empty handed,¬† having recieved a lesson in football. Let’s just hope I’m right.

Have  I been too harsh on the aformentioned quartet? Are there other players more worthy of similar questions? Feel free to comment suggest and abuse below:

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10 responses to “Four Players Who Need To Pull Their Socks Up For The Derby”

  1. Lexxy says:

    Just what i was thinking. Expecially Young and Anderson. Their form is as bad as it can get and they need to improve.

  2. RedScot says:

    Here here regards Anderson Rio and Antonio, oops I meant Ashley Young.The interesting aspect of this, picking out the recent weaklinks are they play generally in the middle of the park, clearly not Rio, he would need breathing support now to venture past the half way line. lol.
    I personally think the boss saw that we were wayyyyy to open when going forward during the early part of the season, in fact he said this.
    We were gunho and played believing you score one goal we will score two, it worked.It however is not the tatic to play in Europe and sticky heavyweights away from home.Sir Alex I therefore think has applied the shackles and almost footcuffs to stop the lads playing without fear and attack attack.The players are probably adjusting to this scheme the manager wishes for the team to play.Stop leaking goals, aka Chelsea at home where the score could have been 3.4 or 4.2 etc etc.It was not dissimilar against the Arsenal the final scoreline could have been anyone’s guess if Le Arse had their shooting boots on.I truly believe he has identified this weakness and insisted the players stiffen up the defensive work and hence the present confusion in fluidity of play.
    As for ‘pulling up their socks’ do we really want to see more players with their socks above the knee? Its a tad girly is it not.lmao.

  3. chongo says:

    You are predictable. Ferguson dilemma. To go for 3 points- hernandez,rooney.berbatov, nani valencia,anderson,giggs,park,evra,ferdinand,vidic,degoa,smalling. OR to convince gullible managers out there that Theatre of dreams producing talent by instead playing, cleverley,wellbeck,evans. Throw in Carrick, Jones, Ashley for good measure and watch Yaya haha. Thats why Anderson dont play, because up is down and logic is nursey rhyme.
    Dont know why, I really thought your 4 players were going to be theatre product. You are the only last stand to save footie in England, but then maybe it is what it is because you is what you is.

    • RedScot says:

      Nursey rhyme mate? Hickory dickory dock, slip up and down on my cock. lmao.
      I wish I could understand what you meant fella.
      I love the line I must admit, ‘you is what you is’
      Your not from south Landin are you?

  4. chongo says:

    Man fan for 56 years of frustration in CL. Crystallize your knowledge by making prediction. Me, if wellbeck,evans,cleverley,jones, carrick play, City win. Another prediction of Fergie behaviour. Will play first team on bench,and second team on field. Only begins to understand danger when everyone begins to see it, then like clown throws in first team player in desperation. You now make yours. Can use your cock if necessary.

  5. RedScot says:

    Man fan for 56 years ! Ohhh I say. Ok dear sorry but this is not a dating site.Its A United forum.
    I am trying to digest what you are implying, typing that you do not appreciate Sir Alex’s team selection.You do know that the greatest manager ever to have graced the English top tier of football celebrates his 25th anniversary as the head honcho at the biggest club in the world, next month.Thats November for people not on this
    Big up for you mate, 56 years as a United supporter, respekt.
    Must fly, being asked to type elsewhere on United.
    Enjoy the derby mate.

  6. lee says:

    what the fuck is chongo smoking i have read through his post about four times and still not sure what hes saying am i right does he compare fergie to a clown im a city fan and a may call old bacon face many things but to say one of the most sucseful managers of all time is a clown what a tit ps this seems to be the only manure site that actualy has any objective reports not like the shite they put on the repulic of skankunia

    • RedScot says:

      Lee, not bitter thats the Republik of Mancunia, if any of your other ‘Blue moon’ sites had even the basic knowledge of the moderator of that site, you would be having a bubble, as Stan the Motormouth havering dogging, waste of space, would say.
      I enjoy objectivtity and knowledge, you clearly cannot read and engage your brain.I give respect were it merits it, its a fucking awfull trait in this day and age, with social network sites and twatting/twitter.
      Chongo is just having a laugh, as i was with him/her.Its called interaction.Dont be a ‘blue cunt’ for ever and police the net.
      Join the Reds….. you know it makes sense, as Del boy said to Rodders! roflmao
      You just hope Mr Manchineeeh, does not revert back to the tally way.One gear as we know in the war, the Italian tanks….reverse.

      • lee says:

        fuck off that site is shite pepole on there cant even admit that football exists outside old tragic its nearly as bad as that other united one whats it called o yes match of the day by the way i take it from the only fools and horses thing your a cockney red as well

  7. John Tring says:

    Just an hour to go and I’m still praying. Praying that Evans, Park , Fletcher are not in the team sheet.