Date:24th October 2011 at 8:53pm
Written by:
Darren Fletcher

The Scottish skipper's goal was the only bright spot in a dismal afternoon

A woeful Manchester United were humiliated by their city-sharing rivals in the Manchester derby. A day which Sir Alex Ferguson described as his ‘worst ever’ at the club saw Manchester City storm to a 6-1 win.

As the sides went in at half-time United were still very much in the game being only 1-0 down and having not looked all too bad in the first half. However as the second half got underway United fell apart at the back and Jonny Evans was soon sent off. Once United were down to 10 men they had an almost impossible uphill challenge to pull the game back whilst defending against a very strong attacking City side. A challenge United did not come close to overcoming.

Unfortunately this Man of the Match feature will have to be kept very short as no player on the United side really deserved to be named a Man of the Match. This article should rather be called ‘The Least Worst Player of the Match’.

So, the Least Worst Player of the Match award will go to Darren Fletcher. The midfielder was pretty confident on the ball and didn’t make too many mistakes compared to some. He looked solid at times and capable of putting in a decent performance had the rest of the team around him not fallen apart.

Fletcher still lacked drive to push United forward in attack as usual. However he was the scorer of United’s only goal with a tidy finish.

After an abysmal display the only way for Manchester United should hopefully only be upwards, and with a League Cup tie against Aldershot on Tuesday and a weekend Premiership clash with Everton hopefully there will be something more impressive to write about in the coming weeks.

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