Date:18th October 2011 at 12:49am
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Phil Jones and Charlie Adam

The United defender does his best Carlos Tevez impression

The start to this season has had few brighter points than the way a certain former Blackburn youngster has settled into the United side about as quickly as it took a certain Mexican last season.

Phil Jones has gone from a player many Reds knew little or nothing about, to being labelled a future England captain, in the space of two months. Jones, also has the versatility to play in a number of positions. most recently being deployed in midfield for the game against Liverpool.

Jones is the type of player that United have been crying out for, fearless, energetic and powerful, he’s that impressive that he’s even been compared to the great Duncan Edwards, although having never seen the Busby Babe play, I’m not about to enter that debate- which I suspect is based more on their comparable sizes, at such an early age than their playing styles.

It already seems amazing that a player of only 19 years of age, with so much talent, actually only cost the Reds £16 million, I suspect that one day we make look back at that as one of biggest bargains in United’s recent history.

While Joness powerhouse performances have made him instantly liked by the fans, it seems the lad also has the sort of ‘fire in his belly’ that made a certain midfielder from Cork, a cut above the rest.

The Metro notes:

The former Blackburn defender was said to be incensed by the way the Scottish midfielder went down under Rio Ferdinand’s challenge, which led to Steven Gerrard bending in the opener from the resulting free-kick.

Jones reportedly accused Adam of deliberately attempting to con the referee in a post-match interview with MUTV, United’s in-house television channel, but senior officials took the decision to cut his comments after Ferdinand admitted he made ‘the slightest contact’ with the Reds ace.

Adam vigorously denies claims that he dived, and hit back at the United stars who were complaining about his behaviour, saying: ‘Well, everyone has an opinion.

‘I felt a touch and if I hadn’t gone down I would have been clear through on goal so there must have been contact.

Jones’s willingness to speak his mind, and the truth, I mean how many of us really think Adam went down because he was knocked off balance- are yet another reason to admire the youngster.

It’s not all been plain sailing for Jones, the game against Basel, was a bit of a below par one for him and there’s been the odd mistake, but on the whole he’s been brilliant. The debate rages on which is his best position but for me, it’s sitting in front of the back four, offering protection, tough tackles and driving runs.

Wherever Sir Alex plays him, one thing’s for sure, Jones has the ability to become a United great – and I for one hope his playing style – unlike his interview style- remains uncensored.

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