Date: 23rd October 2011 at 12:25pm
Written by:
Wayne Rooney

Wazza does love an Old Trafford

With the most anticpated since, ooh, the last one, less than two hours away, the nerves and excitement are almost tangible.

United’s recent performances haven’t exactly instilled unbridled confidence in many going into the game, but let’s be honest, may have got off to a flier, but when your oponents are the likes of Swansea, Aston Villa, Bolton, Fulham, Blackburn, and an Everton team currently fifth from bottom, it’s to be expected.

United have had the far more difficult run-in playing three of the remaining top five- today will make it all the other four, plus Liverpool and Stoke away. United should respect of that there’s no doubt, but we shouldn’t be in awe of them. Yes, they’ve got some world-class players, but as we saw it the Community Shield taking the game to Roberto Mancini’s men can lead to victory.

Last week’s game at Anfield was disappointing , not because of the result -after all a point away against Liverpool is far from a disaster. No, it was the manner in which United approached the game that left me dismayed, being far too concerned with preventing Liverpool from scoring than actually going for it ourselves.

United have an abundance of attacking talent, Danny Welbeck is one of the most prolific strikers around at the moment, is easily the best striker in the league, if not Europe,  is capable of producing a match winning moment out of thin air, while Chicharito would walk into practically any side in the world.

Add to that list the likes of Ashley Young, Antonio Valencia and when he’s fit Tom Cleverley and you have a group of players capable of unlocking the most meanest of defences.

The point is, United are the home team, the reigning champions, who’ve had the far tougher tests this season, we shouldn’t be in awe of a side that has shown signs- particularly in Europe of being far from the finished article.

Let’s take the game to City, hit them from all sides and show them why we’re and they’re in our shadow.

Come on!!

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