Date: 25th November 2011 at 3:01pm
Written by:
Ravel Morrison

Is Ravel ready for the first team?

When the team was announced for Tuesday’s game against Benfica, there seemed to be a collective Red groan that Darron Gibson had made the bench, seemingly at the expense of Ravel Morrison.

It amazed me as I scanned the wonderful interweb, how many United fans were incredulous at the fact Gibson, a player who’d helped the team through to the Champions League final with a goal against Schalke in his last European appearance, was in the squad, while Morrison wasn’t.

I’ve long advocated giving Morrison a chance in the first team, not only as he could add some much needed enthusiasm and skill to a side which at times seems lacking in both, but also because the added responsibility could help the youngster move away from the nonsense which has almost derailed his career.

The upcoming fixtures for United are ones that could be ideal fpr giving an untried youngster a chance in the first team as with all due respect to our opponents, while they’re not ‘easy’ after all as last season, proved there are no long any ‘easy’ games in the Premier League, they’re not the most difficult games either.

There is a flip side to the argument though, the idea that for a player such as Morrison who’s obviously had his problems, patience may be a better option, after all, as I’ve already mentioned the games United have coming up should be winnable without a untried teenager.

Personally I’d like to see Morrison given a chance sooner rather than later, but if he isn’t it may well prove to be another masterstroke from Sir Alex Ferguson, as when the time comes, the Mancunian will be truly ready to make the step up.

What do my fellow Reds think, is it time to give Morrison a chance? Does fortune favour the brave? Or is it better not to rush this precocious talent?

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14 responses to “Is The Cautious Approach Best With Ravel Morrison?”

  1. vikram says:

    When the Man Utd starts to win confidently then we can start giving Ravel and Paul the chance they deserve and trying out Fryers, Tunncliffe a chance. Because with most of them injured, team grinding out results to close the gap at in the Premier League it would harm them more as most of the time they will asked to play out of their position making them to cut their attacking instinct. When time comes they will be ready to be unleashed.

  2. Wingard says:

    I think Gibson was included in the squad because of Andersons absence and we will see Morrison introduced for the Newcastle game. Particularly if Rooney is missing…hope he takes his chance.

  3. Jack says:

    i think the issue is gibson has had a fair crack of the whip and shown his not a manu player, he seems to have a decent strike but lacks in other areas. he doesnt have the heart of fletch either, while ravel was as said above a nod to the future.

    i will be really disappointed if pogba and ravel dont get at least 30 mins in the cup this week.