Date: 22nd November 2011 at 12:47am
Written by:
Ravel Morrison

Ravel scores a sick goal innit fam

The most infamous ‘troubled teen’ since Frankie Coccoazza disappeared back to obscurity could be in line for a surprise appearance against Benfica tonight.

At first this may seem about as likely as Wesley Sneijder rumour being true but let’s look at some of the ‘facts’ that seem to indicate the Wythenshawe-born youngster could step out at Old Trafford tomorrow.

Firstly he played a blinder for the reserves last Thursday, bagging a brace in a bravado performance that had almost every Red tweeting “if he sorts his head out he’ll be a star..” or words to that effect.

Secondly young Ravel trained with the first team yesterday, itself not an indication that he’s set to make the team but it could be an indication Sir Alex is considerig it, although it must be noted that Ezekiel Fryers and Davide Ptertucci also trained with the senior squad.

Thrdly, there’s the surprise factor Morrison could bring to the game later, if things aren’t going United’s way, then introducing a player the Benfica team have probably never even heard of and who would be dying to show Europe just what he’s capable of, could be Fergie’s only real wild card.

Fourthly- and admittedly this isn’t too conclusive but Morrison tweeted yesterday “Tomorrow could be a very good day.” Let’sjust hope that isn’t becuase one of his mates is up for parole.

Finally and arguably the most important point, giving Morrison some first team action in the Champions League may actually make him realise how fortunate he is and how close he is to making it. In other words it may give him the wake up call every Red who’s seen this precocious talent is praying he gets.

I know there’s a lot of conjecture involved but if Morrison were to figure today and make any sort of impact, who knows, maybe, just maybe the most talented and frustrating youngster to come through the youth ranks in over a deceade could have a part to play in United’s season.

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8 responses to “Ravel Morrison Set To Figure Against Benfica?”

  1. karan says:

    if morrison might start then …pogba will definitely start in the middle!!!!

  2. rick says:

    theres a reason why saf doesnt pick him. hes waiting for the right time or ravel could end up like balotelli, ungrateful, arrogant and thinks hes bigger than the club (which he actually is but you kno what i mean). i think sir alex is pickin him to show what he cud hav if he sorts himself out.
    ravel has the potential to be the best in the world but he needs to show hes ready mentally.
    ravel if u just beat people up on the pitch then im happy with that.

  3. 68Devils says:

    Just what we need.Passion,creativity and a youthful arrogance.What have we got to lose.

    • bling says:

      Absolutely nothing,ever since Cleverlel when down injury i have been looking for pogba or morrison on the united bench,we need that youthful arrogance on the playing field.

  4. marky boy says:

    The opening sentance was epic,,,spat tea all over my pc screen.class

  5. ismael says:

    Good Morrison hope you will know that time has come for you to grab your chance. Best of luck ,

  6. marky boy says:

    Ravel was at the game alright,,theirs f**k all left in the benfica dressing room ha ha ha

  7. Franz Ramirez says:

    I do not understand the logic of the fans, which is the fear
    Morrison’s alleged arrogance, never showed that in the
    They think that will be bigger than the club. Let us not forget
    that Manchester is great, thanks to the big players
    took in more than 100 years.
    If Morrison can prove his talent in the first team at Manchester will be larger.
    I think Morrison deserves a chance to show whether
    really has talent, mental strength and physical ability to
    be a star, while everything is just speculation.
    So far, only Morrison asked for the opportunity to play, not
    are narrow mind, let him play and hopefully Morrison
    shown to be a star for the good of Manchester and