Date: 13th November 2011 at 8:08pm
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One response to “[Video] England vs Spain : Full Highlights”

  1. RedScot says:

    Thanks for sharing! I watched the match live, the condensed video clip is top class.For a ‘young’ Jock the best part is the pre match advert of the cool pint of Tennents lager,
    The Scots dont like the English in a humorous way and take the piss out of each other, naturally its a laugh and a windup.
    My view on England and I wrote my thoughts on line on a forum yesterday if England will not learn and take the Bull bye the ‘teeth ‘and play the younger players, they are doomed to be the bridesmaids or even the guests at the Poland and Ukraine party.Germany did this with young players in South Africa and came so close.
    Who am I meant to want to win the tournamentI am a football fan, France? lol.
    Use the United players, like Phil Jones, Chris Smalling, Danny obviously and Tom Cleverley Ashley Young, in tandem with Jack Rodwell and his ilkWith a sprinkling of battlehard proven England players that can see at least Rio.The old gaurd or golden age, have failed take the imaginative step and blood the younger players in preparation for Brazil.Nobody at the Fa thinks forward its a here and now to achieve to appease a ridiculous fan support that sway with the nutty media that are like baromters of high and low.Win the Euros or out in the group stages, crazy.
    Belief in the youth its the way forward.
    Good Luck Ingurland on Tuesday against Sweden.
    Cough cough.:)