Date: 5th December 2011 at 9:37pm
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Ravel Morrison

Is Ravel really likely to leave in the Summer?

Ravel Morrison’s appearance for United against Palace seems to have fired up the national media, who’ve revelled in reminding us of his previous problems and questioned his Old Trafford future.

Mirror football published the following article yesterday:

Manchester United whizzkid Ravel Morrison is battling to save his Old ­Trafford career.

The 18-year-old forward is regarded as the most accomplished prospect of his generation to come out of their fabled academy.

But Morrison’s contract expires next summer and United have yet to begin talks about a new deal.

He made only his second senior appearance in midweek as a second-half sub in United’s Carling Cup defeat by Crystal Palace.

But Morrison’s progress has been hampered by off-field problems.

He escaped a custodial sentence after pleading guilty to witness intimidation and further riled United chiefs when he admitted criminal damage.

Sir Alex Ferguson has stood by him and Morrison is said to be so focused on knuckling down, he would readily sign a contract with the aim of becoming a first-team regular.

The Sun published something similarly negative before the Crystal  Palace clash which noted:

As the midfielder prepares to make his first senior start against Crystal Palace at Old Trafford in the Carling Cup, it all sounds too good to be true.

And, sadly. it is, for Morrison has a side that has seen him on the wrong side of the law and threatens his future.

The 18-year-old from Wythenshawe in Manchester has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Before going on to list Morrison’s misdemeanors and adding:

He is described on United’s website as a “supremely gifted talent.” Yet the club have still delayed signing Morrison on a new contract beyond the end of this season.

Meanwhile last week Matt Dickinson in the Times online wrote an article which began:

Ravel Morrison is regarded as the best since Ryan Giggs, but the teenager could throw it all away if he does not learn.

Again, like his colleagues Dickinson later goes on to list Morrison’s crimes, adding: “the question asked almost daily at United’s training base is will Morrison ever be ready?”

It seems Dickinson has somehow managed to grab himself exclusive access to the thoughts of the United coaching staff.

Dickinson and Mirror football focus on Morrison’s contract supposedly running out in the Summer and him yet to be offered a new deal, they conclude this is surely down to a reluctance by Sir Alex Ferguson to commit to a player who’s had so many off field problems.

Whether Morrison’s contract does actually expire in the Summer, is itself open to debate, as some sources have claimed the United youngster is actually contracted until 2014.

There’s seems little doubt that even if Morrison is only contraced until the Summer, United will surely offer a new deal to a player they’ve stuck with through enough misdemeanours to see most lesser skilled players jettisoned.

I have a sneaky feeling the Morrison articles may have been more concerned with reminding everyone of his past problems than raising genuine questions about his future, but perhaps that’s me being cynical with the ABU media.

It seems the national press revel in highlighting Morrison’s past problems and while I’m not condoning them, I feel it’s now surely time to move on and let the lad get on with playing football.

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4 responses to “National Media Sticks The Knife In Ravel Morrison”

  1. Yorkie says:

    A nice piece here which is well written. The pity is that the Daily Mirror has now chosen Morrison for their attack against Man Utd. Not long ago it was Pogba who was being hard done to by Man Utd according to the same Daily Mirror. I am sure that whoever is writing these stories has no hotline to SAF for up to date information regarding any of his players. I am also sure that the papers themselves after writing such rubbish will not have any credibility whatsoever at Old Trafford. SAF has stated that Pogba has a contract which has a couple of years to run. I am sure the same will apply to Morrison.

  2. Aussiehopper says:

    I have never been a fan of foul language
    But get off the lads F…..g back, and
    leave it to SAF to see the lad through
    this difficult period in his life.
    You Bastards will print anything to
    put money in your pockets, no matter
    what damage your Bullshit causes, karma
    Will come back to haunt you creeps just
    keep that in mind.

  3. vikram says:

    just leave the lad alone guys.
    Only SAF knows what he is doing.
    Year ago who would have thought that Cleverly and Welbeck would become so much important to the team.
    Maybe a loan move to teams like for Pogba and Morrison together to check their partnership to either Sunderland or Wigan or Bolton would help to see how they work in tandem would help us in future and a loan move for Macheda to one of the above team especially to Bolton would be great.
    Even if don’t win anything this season doesn’t if we can get our house in order for or from next season/s onwards.

  4. Red4ever says:

    SAF has sold out to glazers, that’s why he’s not making Any big signings, to save money for the owners. We need big players in the MF and he said he won’t buy in jan window. I don’t think the way united playing now, that we’ll b able to win anything this year.