Date: 24th December 2011 at 11:27pm
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Fergie won't be bullied by bloggers into buying come January week

Fergie won't be bullied by bloggers into buying come January

Sir Alex Ferguson has re-iterated his intention not to spend in the January transfer window, unless there’s a player of real quality available.

The Mail reports, Sir Alex’s Boxing Day programme notes argue:

‘All things being equal I am perfectly happy with the strength of our squad in terms of depth, quality and age range.

‘I will not be swayed by the endless tweets and blogs urging the club to get busy in the transfer market next month.

‘As far as I am concerned I am marching perfectly in step, true to my beliefs and principles. While recruiting some of the world’s leading players can lift you into contention for honours, it doesn’t necessarily take you all the way, as I hope we will be able to demonstrate before the end of the season as other factors come into play.

‘You can never say never in football, of course, because fortunes can fluctuate wildly – that’s the football world. If a really top-class player became available, then we would go for him, or if we picked up any further serious injuries, it might be important to add to our squad.’

The worrying aspect for that statement is the ‘if we picked up any further serious injuries’ I just don’t see the logic in waiting to see if United’s already drastic injury situation gets any worse before we sign any players. Should one of our midfielders pick up an injury after the transfer window, the situation could become untenable. United have weathered the storm superbly considering the players we’ve lost, now’s the time to use the window to provide adequate cover should things take a turn for the worse.

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9 responses to ““If A Really Top-Class Player Becomes Available, Then We’d Go For Him””

  1. Muppet Master says:

    All I want for Christmas is Javi Martinez – dammit Fergie now you’ve gone and ruined Christmas!!!!!

  2. RedScot says:

    I think what Sir Alex means, we at United have got to find if they are ‘availiable’ better players than we have.There is zero point in just going out to appease the fans, buying anyone?.
    He is well aware the better players are playing in the Champions league competition (unless he pulls a rabbit out of the hat again, like Javier Hernandez).I dont believe anybody playing in remainder of the top tier European tournament, would be willing to drop down to the Europa league.Although it is allowed within the UEFA, rules.The players and their ego’s, want the top stage, to perform in.
    However I may be the eternal optimist(understanding Uniteds finances) that thoughout the years at United, as the established players depart, the players that have been under the gaze and radar at United come to the fore.Using the time-old cliche, step up to the plate!.
    In my humble opinion, on further injuries, if we lose either Micheal Carrick or Phil Jones, on present form, we are seriously in trouble, with the injury list, we are nursing, crippling.
    We cant go out and buy players(just in case).
    Funnily enough I trust the manager and his scouts, and network of advisors on who is availiable and will fit into our great club, and improve what we have.
    Off topic.Wish everybody and all the writers( and most posters) at the Red Flag Flying High, a merry Christmas.God Bless.

  3. Blaise says:

    I agree, Fergie is not looking to just fill the roster with able bodies. He isn’t looking at the short run but to the creation of a his new Manchester United. A team,as compared to barcelona, real Madrid, and man city’s coalition of players. Men are remembered, while teams, of the sort that Fergie wishes to create, become legendary. Sadly, he is one of the few managers that is afforded this opportunity due to his job security( which he earned). So, he would only go for a player who would be willing to sacrifice fleeting glory for the chance to be a part of something much greater in the long run. Let the other managers trade around their primadonnas, because they will only live on as names.
    – in hoc signo vinces

  4. aussiehopper says:

    I believe SAF is in a difficult situation regarding transfers,the many united fans around the world including myself feel a little
    frustration to some degree at what we perceive as
    uniteds lack of movement in the transfer market,
    i find it hard to believe that many top players
    would not jump at the chance to be part of a team
    that Sir Alex ferguson was putting together for the future at Manchester United. yes most players are happy at their various clubs and would be happy to play their whole careers there, but to
    achieve greatness at one of the biggest clubs in the world must be tempting for some players to move,
    Sir Alex has consistantly said there is no value in the market, but other clubs buy players
    with great success, so who are we to believe,
    i do not believe our manager is in a position
    to point the finger at his employers, but the Glazers hold the purse strings, and it was a sad day when the Glazer family got their claws into
    our beloved club,i believe any future success
    will be through our home grown talent.

    • RedScot says:

      aussiehopper says:

      Date: December 25th, 2011 at 1:16 am
      So do you, taste nice?.

      From the transfer tavern?

  5. John Tring says:

    No, he’s trying to wriggle out of the hole he got himself in. Young was an unnecessary buy, De Gea cost too much. If he bought Sketelenberg( speeling is right? ) at around 10 million and add that 16 miilion or so for Young, 25-30 million would have bought us a top midfielder. He’s happy with squad strength??? That would be same squad that was humiliated by Man City, Basel(twice),Benfica ( twice), Newcastle at home ????? His statements are becoming as bizarre as his judgment and tactics. Evans, Park are Utd-quality players? Sorry, a season empty handed will confirm what was obvious for sometime. Utd are a team in rapid decline and someone tell that the old man.

    • RedScot says:

      Hole he got himself into?.
      Ashley Young an unnessary purchase, care to explain why? I thought he was brilliant at the start of the season, with his wing play.
      Yes we got a thumping bye City, they have spent on the team over £400k, and won 1 FA cup.
      Your statements are bizzare and an empty vessel.
      Did you not think, if you watched the match, at Fulham Jonny Evans was excellent.Support the players, you are in London, did you go to Craven Cottage?Rapid decline….hold on this is Uniteds best ever start in the Premiership unless you know different?.
      So you are not happy with David de Gea, care to explain why?.The name you are looking for is Maarten Stekelenburg.

    • Mohit says:

      Well we got De Gea as a long term buy and I think most of the supporters agree it’ll work out pretty good. Young is in no way an unecessary buy, the lad has been in United for 6 months!! Give him time.. Its very easy to say that we could have got a world class midfielder and all that, but whats the guarantee that the guy would perform in EPL? There are so many complications involved and do you even see United games? Young can make the best right-backs in the world make a run for their money. And I hope you know that Young is a winger and not a playmaker. And even if you disagree with RedScot or me, do you think tht SAF would give Scholes’ no 18 jersey to some twat who you claim was a shit buy for us?

  6. kc says:

    It does make every sense to bring in cover for either Vidic or Fletcher or both when Da Silva twins are more out then in, and Cleverly is becoming injury prone.