Date: 28th January 2012 at 3:14pm
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This is a still taken from the Liverpool United game. One of the Liverpool fans who were praised for their “responsible behaviour” by the media, aimed this clever monkey impersonation at Patrice Evra.

Yes United lost and we have to accept that, we were beaten and are out of the FA Cup but there is no way this type of behaviour is acceptable and shouldn’t go unpunished.

Booing Evra is one thing- admittedly bad enough considering he was being booed for refusing to accept being racially abused- but this is completely wrong and the FA or even better, Liverpool football club should act.

On the whole Evra’s treatment was exactly what most fans expected and only the player knows if his booing actually affected his game, although the late error could well have been down to the emotional strain.

The Evra/Suarez affair has dominated the media long enough now and while I’m sure fans from both clubs wish it would end.with behaviour like this from certain supporters theres no chance of that happening anytime soon.


22 responses to “[Picture] Surely This Liverpool Fan Should Be Banned For Life”

  1. RedScot says:

    This was a very serious issue on here today.
    I mean that truly.
    We are all football fans with a variety of views opinions.
    I just cannot get why we need to see a colour, not a person.Its not that tricky is it.
    off to the pub to drown ma sorrows.
    Cmon United

  2. McGrath says:

    Dalglish needs to go. He is setting a bad example by turning a blind eye to racism at his club. Idiot supporters follow his lead.

    How does John Barnes feel when he sees the behaviour of some his supporters and players?

    Liverpool FC should be fined again.

  3. Smithy says:

    That guy is an idiot, not a football fan, just an idiot. He should face a lifetime ban from every ground in the country if found guilty.

    Would anyone like to condem the hillsborough chanting coming from a large portion (not all) of the Man Utd end??