Date: 31st January 2012 at 12:19pm
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United's new signing Freddie Veseli

United's new signing Freddie Veseli

United have signed 19-year-old  Manchester City central defender Freddie Veseli in a surprise move according  to reports.

The Manchester Evening News notes:

The Reds tied up the Swiss starlet, who captained his country to Under-17 World Cup triumph in 2009, yesterday – and Veseli headed into Manchester, dressed in a red jacket, to celebrate.

Veseli was seen as a good prospect at City, but he was frustrated at not making the breakthrough into the first team squad.

That frustration increased recently when the Blues lost skipper Vincent Kompany and drafted 17-year-old defender Karim Rekik into the squad as cover.

Veseli joined City from Lausanne in 2008 and is a composed, ball-playing centre back – he was taken on the Blues’ summer tour of North America, playing in two of the three games.

With the Reds’ injury crisis, there’s no doubt a new defensive addition cannot be a bad thing, although many have been left baffled as to why we’ve bought a defender deemed not good enough for the City side.

Vaseli hasn”t looked like troubling the City starting XI and it seems strange that a deadline day signing- no doubt bought to help with the injury crisis, is a lad with so little experience.

The usual ‘Trust In Fergie’ brigade will no doubt be confident that the United manager has pulled off some form of coup, managing to sign   promisin young defender from our main rivals.

Those more sceptical may wonder how on earth a player obviously not considered good enough for City’s team is somehow good enough for ours. Only time will tell who’s right…..

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32 responses to “United Sign Man City Defender In Shock Deal”

  1. TedK says:

    I’ve seen this lad play several times. He’s about as good as you could expect a Swiss defender to be.

  2. What exctly is the big shock?

    You got him on a free after City released him FACT

    He has not improved in his last two years despite having the best facilities and coaches in the country FACT

    I have watched all our young lads closely for the past 7 years and Veseli is 5th from bottom of the best we have FACT

    Good luck Veseli, going to love watching you crash and burn and do us a favour lmao.

    • fraz says:

      bell end FACT

    • red4evra says:

      Why dont you simply FACT off and chat with your magoo mates …

    • Collyhurst Red or Dead says:

      You sound rattled lad! Typical macclesfield bitter!

      Face it, your club is shite with young players and doesnt know how to handle them.

      Best coaches in the country??? Hahahahahahahah Since when? what the fuck have you been smoking? You haven’t even got the best coaches in manchester. Your youth set up is shite. All your younger age groups are full of big lads who play long ball, at United we have smaller lads who get taught to pass and move.

      If this lad is nothing for you to worry about, why are you on here panicking bert?

      No wonder this kid wants to leave when there is shite like savic getting a game ahead of him.

      Oil money is all your club has. Hollow arab notes.

      • CTID says:

        you fucking red cretin. I think if you had any sense of what goes on at city, you’d know that we produce footballers, not big men. Stephen Ireland, Joey Barton, Shawny Wright Phillips, and now we have Joan Roman and Denis Suarez coming through with Alex Henshall. Not to mention the big lads like onuouha and micah who know how to kick a ball.Say what ya will about Barton et al but considering united have produced Welbeck since 1992, you might do well to consider mud slinging at city just coz it’s a fashionable thing to do on here.

        English footy is evolving and about time too. The FA and Premier League acknowledge the need to develop players technically, like in holland, spain, portugal and germany and this has filtered through to academies all over the UK. So to point the finger at city and criticize the academy, suggests that you are both deluded about uniteds academy products, and that you know very little about football.

        • Liam says:

          Lets be honest you obsessed liar. This a united blog, im glad you read it to get your united fix that you berties cant do without.

          Welbeck since 92? Not only do we currently have 3 other academy products in the side, but we have others who have won league titles and CL leagues that have moved on since. Our standards are infinitely higher than yours, thats why we have let better players than barton, swp and ireland go. As for roman and henshall, ahhaa, they are shite and wont play more than 5 games for you. Suarez???? you mean the lad you signed last year for big bucks whos 17? If your claiming him then we produced cristiano ronaldo you bitter knob.

          All this points to you being the one deluded and clueless. You just cant handle the fact united are superior in every department.

          Its a well known fact uniteds youth team coaching set up is streets ahead of citys. All honest city fans will agree. There methods are old fashioned. City prefer physical lumps to players with technique. Uniteds youth team is full of promising local lads. Cities is full big lump mercenaries. This article points out just one example. City were the shittest side in the ‘next gen series’. There tactics and style of play were laughed at all over europe. Villa have a better set up ffs.

          When you get a local lad in your side and still compete for the league then i’l agree with you. Cant see that ever happening tough to be honest. City are a clueless club.


        • CTID says:

          arguing with you blinkered drones is futile. I shan’t be bought to your level by engaging in your bullshit.


          You may respond and think that he who has the final word wins, that is the mentality of some people, but in your rotten skull, there is a realisation that you will deny. That realisation is that uniteds academy is shite, your managers on his way out, you’re in debt with an aging squad and on the cusp of relinquishing what you once had. Maybe this year you’ll win the league, i don’t mind that at all. What I do know is that city’s academy has produced a higher class of players, yeah, big lumps like sturridge, ireland, barton, richards, & SWP. United produced welbeck, well done haha.

    • mrlamar says:

      hey, retard, don’t you people have your own blogs to talk blue shit? manchester is red. you win 1 trophy in 35 years and you claim that manchester is blue? yeah, right! glory to the almighty RED ARMY.

  3. Gary says:

    Saw him play for City a few times, he was awful. He’s no Bebe but should be good for a laugh

  4. CiTyBlUe says:

    He got frustrated because he thought he was good enough to break through into Manchesters First team, but the fact is he just is not anywhere near good enough and the only reason United have taken him on is because:

    1. he was FREE
    2. United have hardly any money
    3. he makes up the numbers

    He will only ever amount to a squad player until United get bored of him and move him on.

    EXCLUSIVE, SHOCK, BREAKING NEWS: United take on a City reject.

    • dibils says:

      you mean like what man city did with hargreaves?

      who is over 30..

      • Phat Focker says:

        Scholes. sister in law botherer Giggs, Vidic, Ferdinand. As ever United investing in youth. De butter fingers Gea bought in, Phil who Jones and Cashley Young. United buy their young talent in and don’t trust in youth,Just ask Ravel Morrison.

    • Phat Focker says:

      Another Bebe type player but this one was 8 million cheaper. Then again with the old man signing so many duff players they have to keep the costs down somehow.

  5. AlMacc says:

    I’m a blue and i’ve seen him play. I was not that impressed with him but to wish that a young player should ‘crash and burn’…..?? Good luck to the lad, I say.

  6. Alphie Izzett says:

    He’s OK, and may step up a level at OT, but from what I have seen he isn’t in the same class as Karim Rekik who looks as though he could be a bit special..

  7. red4wvra says:

    What is a bertie doing commenting on here… get back to the council house loser …

    • Phat Focker says:

      Yeah those Berties from Southport get every where don’t they mate. I was down the Dog and Duck, Croydon the other day and there was a load of them Mancs in there talking like Liam Gallagher.

      City might be the big noise in Manchester but United are really massive everywhere.

      When I used to support Arsenal them idiots were turning up to support City even though they didn’t win anything. Us real fans support clubs that win things.

  8. WhitesidesBoot says:

    United already have really talented young defenders. Tom Thorpe, Zeki fryers, Tyler Blackett and Michael Keane all have the potential to have great careers and play for the first team(two already have). They are also all mancunians.

    If this lad does come, then it will be to cover the right back slot were we are a bit short.

    City have used their wealth to bring in lots of talented young players in recent years. Like a bert said above, rekik is a real talent, so is a lad called Suarez.

    United on the other hand have used their fantastic youth coaches to develop local lads into skillful technical players by teaching them ball skills at a young age rather than physicality. This has meant we have had to be patient with smaller lads while they catch up in size and strength.

    This doesnt just happen overnight, we started coaching the newest groups 9 years ago when they are 8-11 and they are just coming of age now (youth cup winners).

    Over the next 3 years watch how many home grown lads make an impression on Uniteds first team. Cleverley and Welbeck are just the first two. Along with the four defenders I mentioned above, also impressing are local lads Tunnicliffe, W.Keane, Cole, Lingard, Rothwell, Lawrence, Barmby, Pearson and Wilson. These are complimented by impressive foreign talents such as Pogba, Daehli and Januzaj, as well as Irish lads mculloch, byre and mcnair.

    I have disregarded morrison, who although immensely talented, doesnt have the mentality needed to play at the highest level.

    Uniteds youth system is in a better shape now than it has been for many years and will bare the fruits of this in coming seasons. Patience is needed by reds as these lads wont be ready till they are 20-22 years old, as was the case with Scholes, Beckham and more recently Cleverley. We are not Arsenal who can afford to give young players games at the expense of trophies, so please dont form conclusions if they still arent in the team at 18/19.

    The future is bright for the reds, and also for english footabll thanks to the coaching system at MUFC.

  9. realist says:

    “the trust in fergie brigade”…….what a fool you are if you have not learnt to trust the great man yet…..shame on you!

  10. Ericlo1 says:

    Perhaps stepping down a level will be good for the player. Best of Luck to him.

    • Aaron haarlem says:

      stepping down signing for the champions . our worst team in 15 years nowon level points your best team ever ha ha bitter prick

    • Imran says:

      Yeah take a step down with the greatest English Football team, who have won numerous trophies.Shittys trophy cabinet is being used as a players lounge. UTD 25yrs 1 manager and over 20 trophies. Shitty 23 managers 1 trophy and a bunch of mercenaries.