Date:7th January 2012 at 1:26am
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Okay to be honest, I’ve been itching to write a piece on Wayne Rooney and with the current headline on today’s Independent, I thought, why not?

Wayne Rooney

Will Wazza be staying at United long-term?

Firstly I’m knowledgeable enough to know that you” don’t believe everything you read in the papers”, as the old saying goes, but let us give the Independent credit – it’s a top newspaper and would have/ must have researched well enough to find some minor truth in it. Or did they? Well that’s not my position to find out, but there is something I would like to run by fellow Reds, so these 100 words so far have not been quite so pointless. My question is: Would it be such a bad thing for Manchester United to sell Wayne Rooney?

Over the past two seasons I like other supporters I’m sure have noticed a different attitude and different body language emanating from Wayne. He has not been the player we signed back in August 2004. He does not get me off my seat quite like he used to and although granted he’s a special player, he seems to be uninterested and as I said in a previous article I’m not one for knee jerk reactions.

Think back or even watch United games a little closer, especially the matches against so called “lesser opponents”. Do you see Rooney harrying back towards his own goal to win a ball back he has just lost? Do you see Wayne try to grab hold of the game and produce magic? Well maybe sometimes, but not nearly enough for a man deemed “The White Pele”. When he scored that beautiful strike against Fulham a couple of weeks back, I was a tad shocked, because as I said to my mate “Wayne doesn’t do that anymore!” I’m sure people will mention the magnificent goal v City at Old Trafford last year, but that has nothing to do with my point. I know how good Wayne Rooney can be, I’m just not so sure he can do it for our football club anymore or at least often enough.

I have to wonder whether it is just me or does he still feel superior to his teammates? Or does he lose interest when his club need him most – in their hour of need, when others can’t do it with him does he feel that there is no need to try.
If Manchester United wants to stay right on that perch, then we need hungry players to do so. Alex Ferguson knows this, so maybe that is how a news story crops up. But take away the goals (which in fairness he has scored a lot this season) and we see a lack of contribution from a man widely known as our best player. He has it in his locker, “there’s no question about that” a phrase Sir Alex frequently uses, but unless it’s shown on a more regular basis against all kinds of teams, I think we should cash in and bring in players who will show hunger and desire at this club.

My feelings of course, go back 15/16 months ago when Rooney wished to leave because of the club’s “lack of ambition” and it does take time to forgive, but only if I can again watch matches and say happily on a regular basis “Rooney had a great game today” because I have rarely if ever said that since. We need the real Wayne Rooney of 2004-2009 to stand up and be counted once more.

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