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Yaya Toure's absence could give United a massive boost

Yaya Toure's absence could give United a massive boost

Ask any Red what has been United’s main problem this season and almost everyone will tell you that the central midfield area has at times left a lot to be desired.

City’s midfield on the other hand has been one of, if not THE strongest in the league, mainly thanks to the form of Yaya Toure. The Ivorian has been immense and I for one am not too proud to admit that he’s the type of player United are crying out for.

The Telegraph notes:

The Ivory Coast have rejected Manchester City’s request to allow Kolo and Yaya Toure to travel late to the Africa Cup of Nations, which means both will miss Sunday’s Manchester derby in the FA Cup.

Ivory Coast coach Francois Zahoui says that City must release both players on time, despite being asking for special dispensation for them to stay in England long enough to take part in the FA Cup third round tie against Manchester United.

Fifa rules dictate that players can be called into their national squad up to two weeks before the competition starts on 21 January.

Earlier today, City manager Roberto Mancini expressed the hope that the pair would be allowed to join the Ivory Coast squad for this month’s African Nations Cup slightly later than planned, which would allow them to feature in the third-round tie at the Etihad Stadium.

Mancini said he expected to learn within 24 hours whether the Tourés would be excused a planned squad gathering in Paris on Saturday before they fly to Abu Dhabi for a two week training camp. City were unaware of any official developments this lunchtime.

However, Ivory Coast coach Zahoui has apparently said no.

Last night’s defeat against Newcastle merely highlighted the problems United have had in central midfield as Giggs and Carrick struggled to cope with the energy of the likes of Cheik Tiote and Yohan Cabaye.

Part of the problem last night was that Phil Jones, who’s been colossal in midfield in recent weeks, was forced to play in defence due to United’s catastrophic defensive injury crisis.

Although it’s not been confirmed, both Jonny Evans and Chris Smalling could be back in time for the derby this Sunday which would allow Jones to move back into midfield.

With Gareth Barry suspended and Owen Hargreaves rather unsurprisingly on the injury list, United may actually have the edge in the midfield battle which could decide the game.

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14 responses to “United Given Massive Boost Ahead Of Sunday’s Derby”

  1. SoccerLimey says:

    This is a big boost for united but it’s my guess that Ferguson will field a somewhat depleted team. I’m sure you won’t see his best XI out there as there is too much at stake if his best team gets manhandled.

    Sometimes better to lose the battle in order to win the war.

    • unclealbertini says:

      It worries me immensely to hear that we are resorting to believing that we have a massive boost because the opposition have a couple of players missing. Facts are that City have a stronger squad than we do and it will take an FA Cup special to turn them over on their ground. It’s not out of the question, but we have to accept that for once we are very much the underdogs.

      Trust in Fergie, he will do what is right for the club.

      • sitesired says:

        I agree with you .My big question why do we carry so many injuries season in and out ?

      • kevin says:

        trust in fergie???? ooo we’v been trusting fergie for a long time and look where it has brought us….out of the champions league and carling cup….might just go out of the fa cup this coming week… losing to the likes of blackburn and newcastle whom we thumped for more than 20 goals last season….its high time fergie admit that he does have a problem and do sum thing abt it…i mean now with vidic gone, rio almost gone…u expect performances from smalling?? jones?? theyv just joined the damn squad…and evans as soon as he starts to perform , gets injured, returns and he shite again…now to the middle part of the ground…flecther gone, cleverly gone, anderson sitting on the bench…and hes playing a 38 yr old giggs against 2 players whve arguably been the best performers for newcastle this season….u have players like pogba just sitting there swatting flies on the bench..JESUS if you dont want him to leave , then just play him dammit…u play jones in the middle valencia at RB, carrick at CB…erva at CB…rooney at CM….how much more do you want to deny the fact that the squad needs players, not good players , awesome players who can make a difference….players like silva,nasri,modric,sneijder…when its time to sign players…he just sits down and cooly blurts out “im not seeing value for money in the market”…u spent 30 million on a player whose played 150 games for you and just scored 50 goals….and you let go a striker whose was the hardest worker at united and probably wud have been more faithful than giggs,neville,scholes

        • Thomas says:

          “ooo we’v been trusting fergie for a long time and look where it has brought us”

          Did you only start supporting us last August or something?

      • SoccerLimey says:

        I agree. Ferguson won’t panic even to the point where he might even look ahead to next year already. His focus has always been long term and will continue to be that. Much more is being made of City’s success than Arsenal or Chelsea’s ever was.

  2. Trim says:

    Did I just read that right…..Hargeaves is injured….never

  3. obeid says:

    it is true that fergie can turn things aroud.but it is also true that even if we get our full sqaurd fit we dont have creative midfielder who can compete with good midfielder like what man city have.for my opinion fergie should bring new midfielder to boost the time.the problem is he try to believe in nothing and he is sturbon

  4. Luke says:


  5. Benjie Tetteh says:

    This is a joke.The midfield we have couldn’t even take care of Blackburn and Newcastle.What makes you think just because they have the Toures missing, it’s a big boost for us. It’s the Man Utd midfield thats struggling and they’re struggling even against the weakest of midfields. I remember Kolo being missing when we were thrashed 6 goals by City this season. Makes no difference. As far as i’m concerned, its City who have the boost as we have more injured player than them.

  6. Kombatant says:

    I doubt d boost y bcose he his squard is not strong enough to compete wit man city

  7. mark flynn says:

    Glad people are begining to question the injuries,surely united should take a look at the conditioning and fitness coaches.It seems to me the team is built for speed and can`t take knocks or heavy challenges, it`s farcical how many players we`ve lost.

  8. Salaad says:

    I m really worried about our midfld and you know what giggs is 38 yr old and park and carril are also above 30 so what result we can get if those are still playing i dont believe we will win any tourniment unless we get at least two medflders becous strker cant do any thing with out world class midflders

  9. HV says:

    time to sign. even if the injured players are back, i don’t think we are good enough yet.