Date: 17th February 2012 at 12:44am
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He’s taken arguably more stick than any other United player in recent memory- unless you count Liverpool fans treatment of Patrice Evra, but David De Gea is enjoying a bit of a mini golden spell at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong its not all sunshine and rainbows but in the past three games, Chelsea, Liverpool and now Ajax, the former Atletico Madrid stopper has produced stunning saves which have come at crucial times. Although tonight’s save from Siem De Jong isn’t quite up there with his effort against Chelsea it’s still an important stop from a young keeper who grabbed his first clean sheet since December.

I’ve always defended De Gea and feel he’s been the victim of a media witch-hunt perpetrated by too many ex-Liverpool and City players quick to label him a flop after only half a season. The youngster is showing his class though, and if his latest performance is anything to go by, he’s beginning to turn the corner and look like the player the world was raving about less than 12 months ago.

De Gea played well tonight, you could even argue he was United’s best player and although there’s still a lot of tough games ahead, with saves like this one, I’m sure he’ll finally silence the critics by the end of the season. Credit where credit’s due. Well done David my old son!

GIF: David De Gea's save today. 32 min #MUFC  on Twitpic


15 responses to “GIF: David De Gea Produces A World Class Save vs Ajax”

  1. Joe says:

    I keep seeing blogs like this defending De Gea but can’t help thinking they miss the point.

    Shot-stopping was never his problem. His problem is commanding his area and dealing with high balls into the box.

    And Manchester United’s problem is he’s too talented and too expensive to just give up on. But eventually you’ll have to because he’ll end up costing you.

    You’d be better off if just he did a Taibi and gave you the excuse cut your losses sooner rather than later.

  2. kc says:

    Lindegarrd anyday. De Gea a second choice only.

  3. patrick says:

    De Gea is a lot like that Brazilian keeper Spurs replaced with the American keeper. Can pull off some amazing saves but you could never trust either.

  4. okebaram Austin okechukwu says:

    De Gea is a great keeper. I watched him during the 2007 FIFA U17 where he led Spain to the final, only losing to gReat Nigerians side on Penalties. Those haters who are on this evil mission of writing rubbish about De Gea ll soon eat their useless vomit. In David De Gea we believe.

  5. newton says:

    @Joe- if United give up on talent,then we would be just another club. May be you’re new to football,You can see talent but you dont think he’ll work. He’s new to england and he’ll learn. So you think all the scouting and SAF’s views are wrong. Dont bet on it….

  6. Tonka Norris says:

    Or, Joe, that’s the reason we’re confident he’ll make it. He’s young for a top flight keeper and he has some learning to do, but you can’t argue with potential.

    Hey, these gif loops are maddening; I keep expecting Carrick to block the shot next loop, or Rio to head it away. But no, they just let the kid De Gea keep stopping it. Bad form, guys

  7. Padre says:

    Y dnt we give him a chance,d young lad is improving every day.

  8. RedDemon says:

    Ppl seem to think that our legendary keepers had no mistakes in them. schmeichel had some flaws and so did van der sar, casillas, victor valdes and the list of top keepers in the world could go on. None of them were/are perfect. Here we have a 21 year old keeper in his first ever season in the English League which is arguably one of the hardest, with a flaw such as commanding his area. That’s all really. Because his shot stopping with his left, right or both hands is amazing. Reading of the game is getting better and better. His kicks and passing, brilliant! But look at his size, he has the thinnest frame from the lot although very agile. But again, he’s 21 and he could bulk up. Usually it’s his corners where he doesn’t get his ground. Against Ajax, i saw him telling rooney to protect him, and a few other players. Right after that, nobody was surrounding him. They had to move away from the keeper as rooney and co were putting a stop to their antics. We have strong players in our team highly capable of pushing a player away from crowding our keeper, blocking his vision etc. Our very own player Hernandez gave a torrid time to the ajax keeper with the same tactic but unfortunately it didn’t come to fruition. Some of the games where he was shown to be weak, he had no protection from his own players. Team work will make him shine. His shot stopping is brilliant as we all know, his kicking is one of the best in europe, even at this age. How have we made a bad buy? This boy is so composed that he could be in a european final next year and have composure on the pitch like van der sar and the scary part is, he has got easily 12 years more in the game. He is in my personal opinion, without a doubt, going to be one of the top 3 goalkeepers in the world. You think Sir Alex Ferguson is going to sell him after investing time and money projecting his future at United? Not a chance! Sir Alex is going to retire only he knows when. And before and when that happens, De Gea is going to be our No.1. This is the legacy we will be left with. Not bad at all in my opinion. Looking at cleverly(What a player!), Welbeck, Ashley Young, Rooney, Jones, Fabio, Evans (Yes, i said it, Evans LOL), it’s such a delight. Every fixture, crack some beers open, grab a bag of chips, some good food and enjoy Sir Alex’s masterpiece. My two cents.

  9. Anderson says:

    more grease to your elbow David de gea. Up utd.

  10. Ayo says:

    de gea is goin 2 b great…he jst nids 2 eat n bulk up. N command is domain effectively.