Date: 9th February 2012 at 5:02pm
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Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverley

Two players who should play a big part in the title race .

Despite various media reports that Tom Cleverley would be starting United’s reserve game against Man City’s Elite Development Squad today, the young midfielder wasn’t even on the bench. 

United could have done with Cleverley as they went down 4-2 in the behind closed doors Carrington game which had been switched from Altrincham’s Moss Lane due to a poor playing surface.

Rio Ferdinand gave United fans a glimpse of what they’ve been missing in Cleverley’s absence when he tweeted: “When Welbz + @tomclevz23 bring their 1 2s I see in training to the PL its going to be OVER for opposing teams, trust me!!#SameWavelength”

It’s highly unlikely that Cleverley will start against Liverpool in what is sure to be a high tempo game, but there’s every chance we could see the former Wigan loanee  brought on later on in the game, to give the United side that much needed fast interchangeable passing and movement thats been missing since the start of the season.

With Paul Scholes now back in the United side, the prospects of seeing him and Cleverley together are saliva inducing and there’s no doubt that with only two points between us and City the youngsters return  couldn’t have come at a better time.

United were playing some of the best football we’ve seen in the past few seasons in the six games Cleverley played earlier this season and if he can replicate that sort of form then even with Yaya Toure returning for our ‘noisy neighbours’ you’ve got  to fancy our chances of capturing yet another record-breakng title.

With Chicharito looking likely to start following Sr Alex’s comments after the Chelsea game, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Cleverley and Welbeck introduced together in the second half on Saturday, hopefully to turn the screw and finish off Kenny Daglish’s men.

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9 responses to “Cleverley’s Absence From Reserve Game Indicates Liverpool Return”

  1. namari says:

    so what if he fail to impress the crowd this time.
    The media gonna storm this lad like crazy.
    he’s good, we all know it but the media make it like to hard accept if he fail.
    Just has him back is pretty happy for me

  2. beninho says:

    he can impress the crowd bcz he is good

  3. Adekunle says:

    With scholes experience clever will bring us 20th leagues trophy

  4. chris says:

    Elite develepment squad? C’mon

    • RedScot says:

      Chris you can’t have Manchester Citys reserve team called the reserve team mate.Its not pucker you know.
      All fur-coat and no drawers i think is the expression.
      Although they whooped our arses yesterday morning at Carrington.
      Was great to see Darren Fletcher there however another bonus.

  5. Thomas davies says:

    Why is everyone putting so much pressure on the lad he’s still only young and learning

  6. Thomas davies says:

    Why is everyone putting so much pressure on the lad he’s still young and learning, People were bragging welbeck at the beginning of the season but he’s been pretty average in the last couple of games.

    • RedScot says:

      Hear hear mate.Spot on with the younger players.
      They are going to have off games its the nature of the beast with youth players.
      Like David de Gea as well a youngster.
      He did not put the near £20 Million price tag on his head.

  7. RedScot says:

    Dont mention the City game,I mentioned it once,
    “I think I got-away with it”.;)
    Seriously to play Tom at the start of this game is not going to happen.
    Coming back from an extended lay-off, with no proper game time, it’s too big a risk.
    I can accept(gracious of me I know lol)he may get on for possibly a 30 minute run-out.
    I would even be slightly hesistant in that, because of who we are playing on Saturday lunch-time.It’s in my opinion going to be rather tasty.
    Lets hope purely on the football park, though.
    Could’nt agree more the thought of Cleverley partnership with Paul Scholes is going to be a delight to watch and admire.
    Paul was never-ever going to have a negative effect on the ‘young’ star’s about to break through.They can only learn and witness first hand skill composure balance technique humilty and mis-timed tackling(grin).
    I wont say “Man- up”.I witnessed the wrath that incurred.:)