Date: 26th March 2012 at 11:58pm
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"We are top of the league..."

"We are top of the league..."

1. Quick, doesnt mind going solo and with the desired end product, but enough about my sex life. Antonio Valencia is pretty good, isnt he? Since the loss of Nemanja Vidic, through injury, Valencia seems to have taken over his god like status with the Manchester United fans, and rightly so.  His form is probably the main reason for us being top. Assists, goals and work rate, he has everything. Dispite having one of his quietest nights, he was probably our best player. He gave John Arne Riise a tough time all night. He linked up well with Rafael down our right and always looked to go forward. However, i wish he would try out his left foot once in a while.

2. “Lets get five” “The perfect game to improve our goal difference” “This will be easy” These are just a few of the rediculous things i read on twitter before the game. In reality, Fulham are a good side, better than Blackburn. The level of complacency amongst Manchester United fans is high. With games coming up against QPR, Sunderland and Blackburn, thats not going to go away.

3. Australians, they are not know for their class, skill or longevity. However, Mark Schwarzer is breaking the mould. At the ripe old age of 39, he is still producing world class goalkeeping displays. Tonight, he kept Fulham in the game, with some quality saves. Dispite being around longer than Home and Away, he is showing no signs of stopping.

4. Talking goalkeepers, David De Gea had another good game. In a couple of months, he has gone from Dodgy Dave, to David Seaman. With his confidence building, and his beard growing, he is starting to live up to all the hype, and the big price tag. During the game, his handling was good, his distribution was decent and his punching as good as Stuart Downing on a night out with his girlfriend.

5. Is our luck finally starting to change? The main slice of luck tonight was the penalty that never was. With Danny Murphy going through on goal, he was fouled by Michael Carrick. However, Michael Oliver knew the rule, about one free foul on an ex scouser, he he waved it away. Also, our injury list seems to be getting smaller and smaller. With only Nani really left to come back this season (and, of course Vidic and Fletcher next season) it would seem that we are going to have most of our players to pick from, in the final push for the title.


7 responses to “Manchester United vs Fulham: 5 Things We Learned”

  1. chris says:

    Yeah, If we could have fouled anyone & gotten away with it, glad it was Danny Murphy. Good hard fought win. Thought we played well but the ball just wouldn’t stick to our feet.

  2. Joe says:

    Good article. Agree with everything in there. And although by Valencia ‘s standards he wasn’t as good has he has been previously , he was still damn good. And I agree, with him being our best player, along with Ferdinand (until he was subbed).
    Anyway, funny and bang on with every point. Thanks!

  3. Anneeq Anwar says:

    Perfoemance wise Utd were terrible YET AGAIN, where’s the imagination gone in our play? We look like the Italian team impersonating the red devils this season!

    Its been like this for far too long, even the crowd was moaning about the defensive tactics shown by Utd. After growing up watching the Ronaldo, Van Nistelrooy, Rooney eror of the early 2000s and then watching that drivel yesterday, u have to wonder what happened to us. When on Earth did we become such abysmal viewing? Never have i seen a Utd team the ball away so many times, i seem to be a broken record actually i say that every match. This season defo shows the poor standard of the Prem opposition, seen as tho, we play that poorly and are top of the league………………

    • PhilipK says:

      well if you think your sounding like a broken record then how about you shut your mouth and give it a rest?
      it was far from a terrible performance. 60% possession. 19 shots. 16 on target. not the most clinical of performances from united but credit has to be given to fulham who defended well and made a few good chances going forward.. after going a goal ahead united kept the ball and tried to minimize the chances of fulham getting one back through possesion, while pushing forward for a second. given the scale of the win in terms of the season i think they had the right approach, not exectured the greatest ill admit.

      next time there is a united game on, get out fifa 12, set up the teams and let the computer play itself.. you can clap and cheer to your hearts content…not every game is going to be the spectacle you’re looking for.. this was a vital win and we done just that….

      • Anneeq Anwar says:

        It was a terrible performance, we were nervous, shoddy at passing,we were so amateurish it was frightening! We just did not look like champions tbh. The players looked like the Italian national team dressed in red. We had no bite whatsoever in our passing, had it not been for a VERY fortunate penalty call we would have got just rewards really for a thoroughly average performance.Did u not even notice the crowd gasping and booing at the defensive passing from the team when we passed the ball back to the keeper in the second half? We did the same sort of thing against City in the FA Cup second half, we just took our foot totally of the gas and just passed backwards or sideways, to waste time and keep the scoreline as it was. As is the tactics of the Italian national team. That hasnt EVER been what United were all about, certainly aint the busby way of playing exciting football……

  4. Gorse Hill Red says:

    Not surprised the ref did not give a pen. The faintest of a touch and Murphy dives to the ground like he had been shot. Typical cheating Scouser, Fulham got what they deserved, no points.

  5. greenhoff77 says:

    Went to the game last night and oh god what an atmosphere, the crowd we up and bouncing, the songs were flowing, the game was pulsating, the team was fantastic and never stopped.

    ohhh hold on. that was years ago and i was only dreaming.

    i actually sat there last night and wondered how the atmosphere got so bad. bloody awful.