Date: 12th April 2012 at 12:52am
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De Gea – Saved well on two occasions and desperately unlucky to finally concede after a string of clean sheets. 7

Jones – Left for dead on a few occasions at the back but offered even less when attacking. Wasteful crossing and an even worse touch. 3

Evans – Often found covering for three positions, he did his best to minimise the damage from his right hand side as well as try and help the attackers out with some runs up the field. 7

Rio – Insured the loss didn’t turn into a battering by making multiple interceptions and important challenges throughout the game. 7 MOTM

Evra – Average in every sense of the word. He didn’t have a bad game but didn’t really offer anything going forward either. 5

Valencia – Poor. He did himself no favours with his unwillingness to take in his opponent and to cross the ball in first time. 4

Carrick – Completely overran in midfield, he was unable to break up play as per usual due to him covering for his partner. 5

Giggs – Probably his worst performance all season which says a lot. Careless, sloppy, lazy – you name it. Incredible he was allowed to finish the 90 minutes. 2

Young – Never really got going but even then, he hardly had any time to make an impression before being substituted. 5

Rooney – As poor as he was, and he was really poor, it still is mind-blowing as to why he was taken off. Only player on the pitch that looks like they can always get you a goal. 4

Hernandez – Quiet and lethargic but unlucky to be on the end of as much criticism as he was. The boy received no service what so ever from his midfield. 4

Subs –

Cleverley – Produced one half-decent chance in 45 minutes of play. Expected much more from him as our ‘creative outlet’. 5

Welbeck – Played up top on his own and worked hard to close down the ball and rush the defenders. Tested the keeper. 6

Nani – Typical performance that we’ve grown to love from Nani. Beat two men then lose the ball with a 4 yard pass. 3

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6 responses to “Player Ratings: Manchester United vs Wigan”

  1. chrisaus88 says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of Evra hating lately. I thought he was miles better than Evans who was all over the place. Giggs was ineffective but is still our most dangerous passer even we he’s not playing well. Scholes is much better than Giggs at contrlling the game put can’t split the defence as easily.

    Overall i think you just have to say the game meant more to Wigan & fair play to them.

  2. Naman says:

    I have to say that I like your player rating because for once someone reflects the true performance of players without their status or past games. I always read your rating because 95% of the time they reflect exactly what I feel. Most rating make me wonder what game people were watching !?! Have to agree giggs and jones were poor, giggs has been for a very long time, as much of a legend as he is, when he announced he was playing another season I couldn’t believe it. You can’t win a champions league anymore with the way giggsy plays. Poor. Hessian because he is FIT doesn’t mean he can PLAY. He has talent obviOusly but … I don’t know what he’s doing.

    And Danny welbz was poor too, leading the line but never got into space . Should have done better with opportunities presented. Has been poor for many games now .

    Sucks that Chicha had a bad game. He’s so so lethal in the box.

    Valencia can actually have a Bad game! He’s human ! Hahah

    Cheers nashat!

  3. loso manutd says:

    for the first time i agree jones n giggs were awfull but no one played to the best of their ability no one save de gea

  4. greg says:

    As i said it is no coincidence that Tony has been playing as well as he has with Rafa behind him jones is not good enough at the moment he hasnt been for a long time he had 5/6 good games and now he is the best in the world!

  5. Ron 07 says:

    @greg, naman . totally agree. Duncan Edwards ??? What a joke . MAYBE in a few years . And about evra hating, if you really watch the games, like really watch em and analyze what ls going on, evra is not even in the top bracket of full backs in the world. Nope, no way. He can run with the ball and then what? A poor cross into the box? What use is that ? His defending is mediocre . Last night young was doing a lot of defending to help out . Evra is really poor . He doesn’t get injured is his biggest asset . We need Fabio to step up.

  6. vm2620 says:

    i have to agree wit Ron, its time fabio gets hes chances, as for jones at rb?! Is a disaster n a real tactical blunder, time n time again he proved tat he cannot play at rb, but hey fergie cals da shots