Date: 13th April 2012 at 1:26pm
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Roberto Mancini has shown over the past several months that he is indeed a man of many contradictions, here’s a few of his highlights.

When asked could the title race be over by Sunday? “If we lose against Arsenal and they beat QPR – yes.”

Two days later: “I will never say we can’t win the league if there is still a chance. That is not my life, never.”

The following day when City cut United’s lead to five points: “The title race is finished because United is a fantastic team and they have a fantastic spirit.” So now the lead is less, the title race that wasn’t over, is?

On Balotelli: “I hope, for him, he can understand that he’s in a bad way for his future. And he can change his behaviour in the future. But I’m finished. We have six games left and he will not play.”

A few days later

“He only got three games, so I’m pleased for this. He will be back for Manchester United. He will be ready.”  That clears that up then.

“Team-mates should only play. For Mario it’s my job [to manage him] not [the players]. Because when you have a player like Mario you should always not talk bad things against him because he is your team-mate.”

“I can understand. I told him that if you played with me 10 years ago I give to you every day maybe one punch in your head.”

Great example of not speaking about him in a bad way.

On Tevez:

Will he ever pick him again? “No. If we want to improve like a team, like a squad, Carlos cannot play with us. With me, no – it is finished.”

A few months later.

“If he was here and playing it would be better, because Carlos can change games. If he were to come back next week maybe he can still help us in the next three months.” That’ll show him who’s boss.

On card waving: “Probably, if you watch again the situation. It was not a red card. Rooney told him his decision. He was near the referee.”

A few days later against Liverpool Mancini waves an imaginary card: “When I did this card gesture against Liverpool, I said sorry because I made a mistake.” Something about pots and kettles.

As you can see you can always rely on Roberto Mancini to tell  you exactly how it is, until the next interview of course.


7 responses to “Roberto Mancini: A Man of Many, Many, Contradictions”

  1. the pope says:

    so he’s changed his mind so what?

    Once again ANYTHING you can find to have a go.
    Its like listening to the spoilt kid in the play ground who thinks he’s better than everyone else.



    • PS18 says:

      Not anything, he changes his mind about important big decisions. If he actually stuck to his guns on Tevez and Balotelli he might be able to get City together as a squad.
      As a United fan I’m glad he hasn’t, but it’s still a shame to see a manager cave in to player power, especially a good manager.
      Whenever he makes a big statement now it can’t be taken for much more than hot air.

  2. Carlos says:

    Biggest contradiction of all? Socialist Alex Ferguson accepting a knighthood. That is all

    • John says:

      Because that has a lot to do with football.

      • Carlos says:

        The articles about contradictions is it not? Biggest contradiction of all is self confessed socialist Ferguson trotting off to kneel before the queen!! Now do you understand my point?

  3. its called sarcasm fella,,id also look nearer to home to find hypocrisy from a manager,,fergies bull is well documented!!

  4. Blue Tony says:

    United object to City buying status. United break transfer records for Rooney, Ferdinand , Ronaldo. And maintain their own massive contradictions. The City will be blue for generations to come. The slow death for the reds began when the banner came down.