Date: 1st April 2012 at 12:27pm
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Look and learn you red knobheads- this is team spirit.

Look and learn you red knobheads- THIS is team spirit.

It happens time and time again, Alex Ferguson- I’ll never call him ‘Sir’, not until they posthostmously award a knighthood to Joe Mercer/Malcolm Allison/Peter Swales- gets on the blower to his mates at the FA and makes sure all the decisions go ‘Trafford’ United’s way.

Yesterday was a prime example, that Rag agent Phil Dowd only awarded City one penalty, what a disgrace! No wonder Roberto chased him down the tunnel. I asked Mancini what he said to the fat United-loving bastard, he told me he gave him both barrels: “erm….no……si…..erm… possible……erm………..of course……no.”  That’ll set Dowd straight.

Vieira was right, there’s a massive conspiracy between the refs that needs to be addressed, it’s becoming a joke, and not a funny one like that one about a ‘sick swan.’  How are we supposed to win the league with all this sh*t going on?

Take the Fulham game for example, not our game against them, the day I start worrying about City’s results is the day I’ll move out of Stockport, no, the one at ‘the Swamp.’ Danny Murphy is practically assaulted by that dirty scumbag Michael Carrick and what does the ref do? Nothing.  A disgrace. It was the same when Spurs went to ‘the Swamp’  three years ago, that Rag agent Howard Webb giving ‘Manure’ (chuckle) a penalty for no good reason. Other than not sending off the mighty De Jong for common assault in the World Cup final, what has Webb ever done to earn the moniker ‘world’s best referee?’  He’s a joke and should be banned from officiating any games at ‘the Swamp’ along with the rest of those United-loving callous bastards.

If United do win the title and it’s a massive ‘if’ after all as Roberto said Manure will draw at Ewood, then it’ll be down to a refereeing conspiracy coupled with the injuries we’ve had that’ll hand them the title. People forget, Vinny Kompany has missed seven games this season, imagine how those red tw*ts would cope losing their skipper for that amount of time!

Vieira was right, the Rags are desperate, bringing back Paul Scholes just shows how sad they are, can you imagine City doing something like that? No, cos we’re not sad tw*ts.

I’ve not given up hope just yet, after all Owen Hargreaves should be back soon- it’s only a matter of days apparently- but if Manure do win the title, it wont be because they’ve gained more points than anyone else, it’ll be because theyre cheating bastards and there’s a massive conspiracy against City, Bernstein should be ashamed of himself, he’s supposed to be one of us, other than banning ‘Shrek’ (chortle) for swearing last seaon, what the f*ck has he done?  United aren’t even from Manchester anyway, Tevez left them cos he knew they’re in decline, Oasis are the best band ever, 6-1, 6-1…..


34 responses to “Why United Are Fluking Their Way To The Title”

  1. kevin says:

    ur name say ut all….bitterblue….u think united are fluking away with the title… know why is that….because even when they were 6 points below you idiots…they never thought they that they’d lose their title….you know why we are so successful and ur a bag of shite…because we show our selves in that way…we never think for 1 second that we’r not champions…this is what shows us to be a cut above other teams…just by assembling a squad for 300 million pounds…you think that ull win the league….that might only happen in fantasy league…but not here….ur overconfident pricks….and now that cracks are showing….and its just a matter of time man united are champions again!!!!1

  2. chrisaus88 says:

    APril fools

  3. dj antoine says:

    u idiots, nobody understood wat the writer is trying to say. hes a united fan u fuking idiots

  4. Philipk says:

    I dont know which is funnier , the article or the angry responses!!!

    Si…. Erm… Is possible…..a joke? Si…

    Good stuff

  5. ToneDiez says:

    “People forget, Vinny Kompany has missed seven games this season, imagine how those red tw*ts would cope losing their skipper for that amount of time!”

    Seems you’ve forgotten that Vidic IS OUR skipper and he’s been out THE WHOLE season! A central defender, same as Kompany and he was FA player of the year last season! We’re top of the league, I’d say we’ve coped just fine! Stop blaming refs, it’s a statistical FACT that the only club to win LESS penalties at home than United is West Brom. How about ManShitty just cracked and THEY are now the sinking ship! Back to back draws, don’t blame the refs, there should have been plenty of penalties against you lot that weren’t called. No excuses. You were top of the league from October till March…face it, ManShitty CHOKED!!

  6. uchihanad says:

    i think your mind works like a chicken head..there is only 1 Manchester & its MANCHESTER UNITED…we built our own history with our own efforts its not like your shit CITY team trying to built history with your Billions..UNITED is a GIANT and your aint nothing..may be your just started to watch football..we have pride , respect and hounours..your City teams don’t have even 1/4 of them…so just chill up my friend & watch UNITED robbing the EPL trophy from you and to be crown champion for the 20th time…..GGMU…

  7. Ronnie A. says:

    Oh God! I actually didn’t find the article very funny, but the reactions!!!
    Sorry, but it looks like there are some very dumb people on this blog. 😀
    You guys got an idea what irony or sarcasm means?

  8. Gorse Hill Red says:

    Reading the Blue Moon forum the City fans are actually writing that material too and believing it!

    Can’t believe people on here could not see it’s a piss take!

  9. jason gerrard says:

    o mr bitterblue you make me laughonly a dopey blue can end a story with 6-1 but not to put a finer point on it but that game was at old trafford and my four year old niece knows that the home sides result is first so it was actually 1-6,you dummy then wtf has oasis following shitty got to do with anything, this oasis who were too tight fisted to bail your club out, but as soon as the camel jockeys wasted there money, we have home goal noel talking shite on a regular basis, why did he not put his money where id big mouth is? but now he has an opinion on everything…
    even shake and bake muktub cant buy the premier lrsgue..BLUESER…BLUESER…BLUESER

  10. BJK ACE says:

    what a sad dude. every good team needs a bit of luck. but luck alone doesnt achieve sh#t. Skill, team spirit and will is all required for a team to be league leaders by 5 points after 31 games. Your a sad fellar who needs to learn football.