Date: 16th May 2012 at 10:43pm
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Jermaine who? -England's future lies with this man.

Jermaine who?- England's future lies with this man.

As the world ponders the idea that Jordan Henderson is a better player than Michael Carrick, bewildered fans try to work out how a disastrous season featuring no assists or goals warrants a place in the England squad, Roy Hodgson at least got one thing right. Danny Welbeck’s inclusion in the England squad may have been something of a foregone conclusion to many United fans but then again so was Carrick’s. The big question now is will the manager formerly known as ‘Woy’ give the most talented young striker at his disposal the chance his ability deserves.

Welbeck isn’t much of an impact player, he’s better used as a starter, whether that’s alongside Rooney, or with his scouse team mate dropping deep into a midfield role, Longsight’s finest has shown this season he’s more than capable of leading the line. If you’d asked me last week whether I thought Welbeck would be starting at the Euros I’d given an emphatic ‘yes. After seeing Hodgson’s squad, however, his reasons for leaving out Rio- lack of England games despite new skipper Steven Gerrard having played less in the same amount of time- and the fact he seems to think Juventus’s Andrea Pirlo was playing for Milan -I’m beginning to wonder.

There’s been a growing Andy Carroll campaign in the media lately, based on three decent games for Liverpool which included goals against the mighty Blackburn and missing a sitter at Wembley, my only worry is with new skipper Gerrard flexing his influence as well as the media, Hodgson may decide to start with Carroll.

Welbeck may find himself used sparingly and possibly not doing himself justice as he’s given the odd cameo to try and prove his worth on the international stage. I’m not going to bother with stats- I don’t need to, I already know that Welbeck has scored more goals than Carroll, I also know he’s had a much bigger influence on his club over the season than Defoe has.

Welbeck has been one of United’s real bright sparks this season, moving up a level and galvanising much of the Old Trafford faithful. Have Defoe or Carroll inspired their fans/team this season? Welbeck has earned his place in the team. The only question is will Hodgson realise this and start Welbeck?

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9 responses to “A Message To Roy Hodgson: “Start Danny Welbeck!””

  1. Anneeq Anwar says:

    I dont think Carroll’s addition is purely on due to his recent league form. The international game is vastly different from the club game and he looks to be more suited for internationals. In the few international games hes played he looked decent, far better than he’s looked all season with Liverpool. Especially against France when he was winning practically every header, something that bodes well with England’s long ball style. So i can see the logic there.

    But Downing and henderson iv gta say were real shockers, theyv done literally nothing to warrent selection. Carrick’s selection to most would have been a no brainer and Gerrard getting the captaincy after flopping in the past 3 or tournaments and being average for the national team?? Meh that England head coach role does funny things to ur head………

  2. chrisaus88 says:

    We really have no chance with that squad

  3. get real numpty says:

    Suggest you do your homework before you write a blog :-
    Michael Carrick ruled himself out of the England squad for Euro 2012, Roy Hodgson and the Football Association have confirmed.

    This is widely reported so the slagging off of any other players you have done at least they are prepared to be on standby for their country and do you really believe that he is better than the quartet of Parker,Gerrard,Barry and Lampard if so you are not only unable to research but also deluded.
    As for the Welbeck inclusion look at the stats before slagging other contenders :-

    Welbeck 29 appearances +(14 as sub)
    13 goals.

    Defoe 22 apps +(18 as sub)
    19 goals

    Carroll 29 apps +(19 as sub)
    10 goals

    Looking at the stats clearly Defoe deserves inclusion as the only natural goalscorer and not only that it is amazing that as far as the press are concerned Welbeck is the future and a god and carroll is a donkey who was dead lucky to be included in the squad, its amazing how much difference 3 goals make over a season or is it more like they believe the hype that emanating from Old Trafford.
    What are your conclusions now and don’t list his support play as Carroll is more than on a par there and bottom line we need a goalscorer in Rooney’s enforced absence through his stupidity and petulance.

    • Jay says:

      If it was purely about goals, then surely Grant Holt should go as he’s scored more than Carroll ditto Peter Crouch, if you genuinely think Andy Carroll’s support play is on a par with Welbeck’s then I can’t help you. Welbeck’s a far superior player to Carroll who wouldn’t make United’s bench let alone starting XI. Rooney’s banned for two games correct but who has he played alongside all season? Danny Welbeck -so surely he’s the best person to partner him when he does return. As for Carrick his refusal was made clear this morning before you’d posted and several hours after I had – even Liverpool fans I know were surprised at Henderson being named on the stand-by list ahead of Carrick last night.

      Also I suggest you follow your own advice and do a bit of homework, six of Defoe’s goals came against the likes of Hearts, Shamrock Rovers, Stevenage and Cheltenham, all of Welbeck’s have been against either Premier League or Champions League opposition.

      • get real numpty says:

        You seem to be forgetting that England need goals while Rooney is not playing or his return and who partners him in the 3rd game will be immaterial as we will already be eliminated do you think Welbeck has the shots to goals conversion rate that he will be a greater threat than Defoe who has had limited opportunities at Tottenham and yet when called upon has scored goals and you still need to put the ball in the net no matter who the opposition not easy when you are not a regular starter unlike Welbeck who has been.
        Looking closer at Defoe he did score against lower teams he is no mug he scored against both United and City and also against a club united were embarrassed against in Athletic Bilbao.
        As for the Carrick story it broke yesterday and Carroll not making the United bench you are correct he would almost certainly be a great foil for Rooney so he would be in the starting eleven.
        Henderson’s inclusion can only really be based on Stuart Pearce’s feedback from the u21’s as he has not had a great season other than when playing for them.
        Here is one for you in Hodgson’s position if you play Welbeck and Defoe together and they click and set the tournament alight with their goals and link play what do you do when Rooney is available at the 3rd game do you change a winning team and if so who do you drop.

        • Jay says:

          If Berbatov can’t get near United’s first team then I’m sorry there’s simply no chance Andy Carroll would. You seem to rate Defoe, yet he’s started only two out of the last eleven games for Spurs, if he’s so brilliant why isn’t he getting a game? As for Henderson playing well for the under 21s- he had a shocker against the Czech Republic- rightly getting subbed after constantly giving the ball away as England crashed out of the tournament- a game where incidentally Welbeck was far and away the best player on the pitch. With Parker now a doubt, we’re left with the prospect of a player who’s been poor all season, being moved up to the full squad, it’s a joke. Even without Carrick there are far better options than Henderson- Leon Osman can play there and he’s had a great season, ditto Joe Cole.
          As for your question, I’d drop Defoe- he’s not anywhere near Rooney’s class and Welbeck as I’ve already stated has a great understanding with him, also Defoe’s a better impact player as you mentioned his goal against United which helped prove this as has coming off the bench in the past, something Welbeck’s not always effective at.

  4. get real numpty says:

    Based on your theory of Holt and Crouch going instead of Carroll then Welbeck wouldn’t be on the plane either and either of these would be an option but I feel Crouch is very unlucky due to the season he has had and the prior tournament experience and his England record he really should be going.

  5. xmas says:

    You seem to specialize in the Viva Welbeck article.

    Name another major European national team (in other words a team with an actual chance of winning the thing) that would even have Welbeck (the next Carlton Cole) on the bench.

    The English football press is about as reliable as the English music press.

    We’re talking about a nation that thought Arctic Monkeys were genius a few years ago. Now, a 20 year old kid with a mediocre scoring and assisting record should not only co-lead the line for his club, but also his country.

    There should be a little club made of of guys like Jordan Henderson, Carroll, Welbeck, Cleverley, and the rest of the U-21’s England has no choice but to believe in.

    Problem is, it’s not like there’s much in the way of choice. If Welbeck doesn’t start, then who? A bunch of 2nd and 3rd rate players.

    At least here in the USA we know we suck and don’t have to pretend otherwise!!