Date: 11th May 2012 at 1:30am
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Another one we 'almost' signed

Another one we 'almost' signed

Unless there’s a massive turnaround, or all the reports are rubbish, then Paul Pogba is set to join the land where black footballers are welcomed with open arms in the Summer.

Pogba’s departure to the Old Lady is the least of United’s worries as it’s not keeping our players that represents Sir Alex’s biggest problem: it’s buying the ones we really want and more importantly desperately need. As Manchester City acquire practically every target they set their cash covered hearts on, we’re left scrounging around for left overs or buying up youngsters who’ve yet to hit puberty in a bid to ‘get there before we can’t afford them.’ It’s as though United have stopped shopping at Waitrose and started raiding the farms and car boot sales for players no one else has yet spotted or made a firm bid for.

Take a look at United’s pursuit of Eden Hazard, as soon as Sir Alex mentions he’s looking at the Lille youngster, City show an interest and look like buying the talented playmaker. This is a worrying trait that’s simply got to stop if United aren’t going to get left behind. It’s not just City who’ve beaten us to players in the past and threaten to do so once more, Shinji Kagawa- a player seemingly destined for Old Trafford only a few days ago could now end up at the Emirates as it’s reported Arsenal are chasing the Borussia Dortmund youngster.

Looking over the past few seasons its painfully obvious just how many of United’s targets have chosen other clubs much to the detriment of our first team. The list of players is pretty startling when you consider what many of them have gone on to achieve. Gareth Bale was coveted by both United and Spurs yet chose White Hart Lane over Old Trafford, despite Ryan Giggs being deployed to convince him to join us. Aaron Ramsey chose Arsenal over United for reasons almost certainly not based on silverware. Then there’s the players we’ve lost to our ‘noisy neighbours’ Yaya Toure, David Silva and Samir Nasri have all preferred the blue side of Manchester- no doubt due to our reluctance to meet their wage demands, while we decided not to give Carlos Tevez the money he was offered at Eastlands, be honest, was that such a savvy money saving move?

Had United bought just one of the players I’ve mentioned then surely we’d be a point above City and heading for title number 20, maybe we’d even be heading to Munich for a Champions League final such is the fine line one player can often make. Okay the Champions League final may be pushing it, but surely an Aaron Ramsey or a Gareth Bale is worth a point, or United signing Silva and not City could actually have still left the “35 years” banner up at Old Trafford -now on 37?

United need to start being more aggressive in our pursuit of players, this isn’t a new development, not so many years ago we let Arjen Robben move to Chelsea when he was seemingly destined for United, as he helped Jose Mourinho bring about the greatest time in the club’s history.

“The Glazers, The Glazers” I hear you cry, as every United fans favourite bogeymen are brought up whenever it comes to transfer discussions. I know the American owners have been about as good for United as Ralph Milne but let me ask you, did the Glazers really prevent us from spending £5 million on Aaron Ramsey? Not the same owners who sanctioned more than that for either Bebe- he’ll come good one day, or Gabriel Obertan- destined for great things.

Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted being ‘hesitant’ over signing Tevez on a longer deal, while the United boss was apparently put off by the figures being quoted for Silva’s transfer.

I’m not saying United should break the bank for any youngster that comes along, but surely now is the time, to mark out our targets and aggressively pursue them, in the long-term it may prove a lot less expensive than missing out on what could be vital players.

Let’s face some hard facts playing for United is no longer the carrot it used to be to some players, particularly youngsters from the continent, it’s time to start showing them why they’d be better off at Old Trafford, rather than just hoping they’ll want to come here.

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23 responses to “How Long Can United Allow This To Continue?!”

  1. james says:

    Berbatov 10?
    Owen free
    Young 15
    Macheta 5
    Anderson because of injures 10
    Park 5
    All out for around 40m ish

    Hazard 33
    Martinace 30ish
    Kagawa 7
    Villa 15
    All in for around 85m

    And let scholls and giggs retire while they still have they dignity

    And with all the ins and outs the wages should roughly stay the same

  2. Roger says:

    We can’t say the money isn’t there, having spent 60 mill last summer, not to mention what we’ve spent at Bebe, Anderson, Hargreaves. The money has been ill used, Sir Alex seems over reliant on old players and both his scouts and straff seems incompetent. So maybe, as bad as it sounds, the first change to be made is changing the manager?

  3. lamar says:

    We find a talented youngster, we turn him in to a superstar and then we sell him to real madrid. THIS HAS TO STOP.

  4. GAZZARO says:

    Apart from we have less funds available to spend than City (Because the Glazer’s family is a bad owner for United), we also have the problem of corruption in the transfer market.

    Look at the signing of Tosic, Bebe, Anderson, etc. These are very poor signing which should never happened. We signed so many over-rated players during the last 3-4 seasons. Players like Ashley Young is a second grade player while City keep on signing top class players. That’s why currently City have a better quality team than United.

    Currently, the Police of Portugese is investigating the signing of Bebe case, as they believe that there are something wrong behind the scene. If United really pay 7 million pounds plus for Bebe’s signature, where does the money gone? As ex-Bebe’s club recieved only 3 million pounds plus.

    United scouts in the transfer market, lead by Martin Ferguson (SAF’s brother) like to convince SAF to sign second grade players who don’t have any offer from other big clubs. So they can UP their price and make room for some corruptions. That’s why the Portugese Police is confident that there is something wrong in Bebe’s transfer.

    Of course, we will improve in the summer by signing new players. But if we keep on signing second grade players while City keep on bringing in Top Class players like Eden Hazard, next season the gap will be bigger and bigger.

  5. Kashere2011 says:

    IMO ,saf has a conections with football agents to make their clients more expensive in the market,seeing all the best players that fly there trade in european clubs has been links to United,before joining another team,and how can you rely on a 39 yrs old to run riot in the most competative league on the planet. Saf most change his policy before is too late.

  6. Shina says:

    Ferguson had learnt his lesson.Am only beging him 2 sign iker muniain at all cost.And utd did nt av any defending midfielder.If we av pls let us knw who he is?Dat is y we can competite wit city who av toure.

  7. upyourscity says:

    You have hit it on the head. Problem is fergie does not seem to want to shop big anymore. His tactics are useless. He needs a good right hand man badly as phelan is worse than useless. We are told there is no value in the market??!! Silva was 20 million, toure was a bit more and even aguero didn’t cost a lot more than Berbatov! Problem is fergie is past his best and his methods and tactics are old fashioned and not flexible. Need change for sure.

  8. Anneeq Anwar says:

    We need to face the cold hard facts here, City will always outspend us, we dont have the financial means to exclusively attract the best players any more. If we offer Sneijder 250k a week, City will offer him 500k a week. They’ll do that quite comfortably. And who are we to blame Sneijder for taking 500k over 250k??? If u were offered a job in Tesco for 250k and the same job in Netto for 500k id bet my house none of u would give two s***s about the prestige of the supermarket ud just go for which place is paying you the most ie ud work for nettos. Prestige means nothing anymore.

    Its a losing battle all the above mentioned chased the money, we didnt have a chance with Nasri when City were involved. We also shouldnt give up hope with the academy, we’ve got some real gems. If u look at the talent coming through the academy itl make ur mouth water, the like of Larnell Cole, Tunicliffe and Matty James look to be the real deal. I think these guys really will give our midfield a real revamp. A good thing about the rise of City tho is that all the glory supporting foreign fans who are destroying the once great Old Trafford atmosphere will bugger off to the wastelands and we’ll slowly have the atmosphere we used to be famous for again!!!!

  9. Blue Tony says:

    I still don’t think my venerable friends on the red side get it. Here goes. You are three quarters of a billion pounds in debt. Your manager is in his seventies. Your culture allows you to erect banners gloat g and now players simply don’t fancy playing for you. I say, re erect your banner and over the next ten years the true joke will start to emerge. Otherwise good luck tomorrow against Sunderland. You will beat them and stiil stand a chance. Keep calm and carry on

    • Arbiter says:

      The debt is now closer to a quarter of a billion pounds, not thrice that amount, so get that particular fact right. By the way, if we were to note the losses your club has made in the last four seasons, it would easily top half-a-billion in losses, if not for your sugar daddy.

      Our manager is old, might be getting on with age, and might even be a bit senile, but he and his team hunted your collection of mercenaries to within a few seconds of the title. 44 years to win a title, 35 years to win a trophy, and 3 stars on the crest for God-knows-what, considering you’ve spent two seasons in total in Europe in the group stages.

      Get back here once your team is closer to league titles in double-digits and has a balance sheet which is not dripping in red.

  10. Gibraltarian says:

    The problem is SAF. He simply does not see what others see clearly: we do not have a competitive midfield. Or he does see it but does not come clean with fans