Date:1st May 2012 at 11:17am
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De Gea – I’ve heard suggestions that he possibly could have done better when defending the corner which we conceded from. Harsh. He handled everything else well. 6

Jones – Caught out of position time after time. Rash with his challenges, touches were poor and his crossing abysmal. 4

Smalling – No doubt he’ll unfairly receive the majority of the blame for the loss due to him being at fault for allowing his marker to lose him so easily for the goal. He had a half decent game otherwise.  – 5

Ferdinand – Held the defence in shape well and marshalled the team from the back when defending deep.  7

Evra – Beaten on the flank on a few occasions as per usual but actually tried to offer something going forward today when nobody else did. Put in a shift. 6

Nani – ‘Our creative outlet’. Weak on the ball, poor with his decision making  and sloppy with his execution. A real letdown. 4

Carrick – Bullied by City’s powerful and energetic midfield trio. Didn’t stand a chance and there’s nothing he could do about it. Isolated by his teammates. 6

Scholes – Unable to keep up with the pace of the game, he wasn’t given enough time or room to have any real impact on the match. 4

Park – As poor as he was, and he was very poor, it’s extremely harsh to blame him for his performance. He hasn’t started a game in three months. What did you expect? 3

Giggs – Produced little for the attackers to work with. Didn’t stretch the game enough when on the counter and generally looked tired.  4

Rooney – He received little from midfield but when he did, his touch was comical with the ball ending up over his head. Slow when off the ball, passing was catastrophic and lacked  any real fight. 3


Welbeck – Found himself in some decent positions but his touch let him down over and over again. 5

Valencia – Ended up defending far back into his half rather than creativity any real chances for us. 4

Young – Looked a real live-wire and the most likely to get us a goal. Should have been brought on much earlier. 7