Date: 22nd May 2012 at 6:41pm
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Anyone else think he looks a bit like Joe Cole?

Anyone else think he looks a bit like Joe Cole?

There is already a lot of speculation surrounding Hazard, and what his future holds, regarding where the 21 year old Belgian playmaker will play his football next season.

According to reports, there has been interest from, Manchester United, Manchester City, and also late interest from Chelsea. Hazard claimed that he would make an announcement after his final league game for Lille on Sunday. Lots of fans tuned in to watch his fantastic performance, as he completed his, what seems to be final game for Lille with a hat-trick. When the moment came, Hazard claimed that he still had not yet made his decision. This left a lot of fans, not just United fans, very angry and disappointed.

People are outraged, me included, with the way that the young talent has handled himself in the press. It’s another case of a young player thinking the world revolves around themselves, and when you have 3 of the top clubs in Europe waving vast amounts of cash in your face, at the end of the day, who can blame him. But no matter how he has handled himself, Eden Hazard is the real deal when it comes to showing the world he can play football. In 38 games, Hazard has scored 20 goals and notched up 16 assists. This for a midfielder is excellent no matter what people say. Hazard can dribble at pace and has a real eye for goal, which has been shown through some of his memorable solo goals.

United, reportedly look the favourites to sign him after talks with Manchester City allegedly fell through. However, with Chelsea winning the Champions League, he admitted this makes his decision a lot harder. United obviously can’t compete with the likes of City and Chelsea when it comes to money.

For me, Fergie has to do everything he can in order to make sure that Eden Hazard is playing his football at Old Trafford next year. Fergie talks a lot about value for money, and Hazard is surely not value for money with a fee of £32 million apparently being bid for the young lad, and a reported 200K a week. However, he is young and Manchester United, especially Fergie love concentrating on young talents and turning them in to world beaters. More importantly if Hazard is at United, it will firstly make us stronger and add more depth to the team,  and vitally it will stop our rivals from strengthening even more which is definitely something United as a whole don’t need.

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14 responses to “Is Eden Hazard Worth The Wait?”

  1. get real numpty says:

    As said get real you numpty twats the only way you will get him is on FIFA 12 on a games console not for real.
    Hazard has stated he wants to win trophies on more than one occasion so why would he join united based on the decline you are entering.
    As for Ashley Young he may be able to beat more than the 1st man if he wasn’t a cheating diving twat but then again it runs through the club from the top down,This is based on the fact that since Ronaldo left he now stays on his feet and scores more goals without Fergies encouragement to go to ground.
    Keep dreaming on and stop slagging other clubs for buying titles and cups its what united have done for the last 20years.

  2. Adam says:

    £32million is cheap… I reckon in 2 seasons we will have doubled our money, no problem.