Date:27th June 2012 at 4:55pm
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"If they say why? why? Tell them that it's human nature, why? why? Do they do it that way..."

"If they say why? why? Tell them that it's human nature, why? why? Do they do it that way..."

Spain versus Portugal in tonight’s Euro 2012 semi-final clash is the sort of tie that makes you drool at the mouth- unless of course you’re a Liverpool fan as you probably already do that anyway.

Ronaldo, Xavi, Coentrão, Silva, Pepe, Fabregas… both sides boast an array of talent so awesome it’s enough to make you wonder why on earth you ever placed that bet on Germany to win the competition. One man who may feel like he has something of a point to prove to his club back home is Luis Carlos Almeida Da Cunha,  who’s contract talks have apparently stalled after the winger had the audacity to ask for roughly half the wages of Wayne Rooney.

Regular readers will know I’m a massive fan of Nani, who’s goals and assists record put him up there with the best wingers in Europe. Yes, I know he can be more frustrating than a Mark Lawrenson joke, but he’s still a highly effective and dangerous talent, who’s only going to keep getting better.

Ashley Young’s poor showing at the Euros, while hardly enough to suddenly make his place in the United side come under question, has at least highlighted his inconsistent nature. Take last season for example, after a blistering start, he quickly faded  until prior to Spurs away I’d begun to think he was a complete waste of money. Young then suddenly recaptured his early season form as United almost made it  number 20. The point is, can we really afford to let Nani go and rely on Young to be an almost constant presence in the side?

Nani may end up signing the deal he’s been offered by United, or he may play hardball as they say and try and either engineer a move away, or wait until the club ups its offer.

One thing’s for certain though should Mr Da Cunha, have a superb game against Spain tonight, then all of a sudden his already considerable stock may just rise even higher and it may take more than the club thought to keep hold of him.

With the whole world watching a superb showing against the world champions may leave the Reds looking a bit well red fac…sorry not even I can stoop that low, let’s just say it could make the winger’s demands seem less frivolous.

You can check out Nani’s and Porutgal’s performance via our liveblog we’ll be running from the site tonight where you can get involved and contribute your thoughts and opinions. or you can listen to people like Lee Dixon and Mark Lawrenson..