Date:3rd August 2012 at 3:31pm
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Demba Ba - even he was rumoured to be on his way to United once

Demba Ba - even he was rumoured to be on his way to United once

Robin Van Persie looks increasingly less likely to be joining United with every passing day, in fact the more the whole saga drags on the more it seems that United’s interest seems to be just that ‘interest.’

The same way that I’m ‘interested’ in an Audi A3 or ‘interested’ in a job working for Sky Sports, yes, I’d love to have both of those things but know full well that neither is likely to happen any time soon. Each season United fans are treated to the latest ‘target’ being announced through either the player themselves, their club or their agent- or occasionally Sir Alex.

Rewind twelve months ago and it was Samir Nasri who was seemingly a target for United with even Sir Alex commenting: 

“I don’t think he [Nasri]  is coming to United,”

“That is all I can tell you. I think that he has agreed to go somewhere else.”

Okay so Nasri had agreed to go somewhere else- Manchester City, at the time a club that had finished third in the league and lifted the FA Cup, while United had won the league and finished as runners-up in the Champions League. Yet money talks as we well know and the little Frenchman decided that it was better to get paid more money to win the league with City than less to win it with United.

Then there was the whole Wesley Sneijder saga which dominated every social network and media outlet known to man, in fact I’m pretty sure if you travelled to the remote caves of Papa New Guinea you’d find a picture of Wesley Sneijder with an arrow pointing to Old Trafford scrawled across the wall.

Sneijder himself noted of United’s interest: “I’ve just felt that it was close, yes.

“We have held several talks. 

“Why they dropped out, I do not know exactly.” 

I’ve been told off various ‘sources’ that United did actually get to the negotiating stage with Sneijder, although I’ve been told by others that an agreement with Inter wasn’t even reached regarding the transfer fee. Talk about confusing.

Now we’re at a similar stage regarding the pursuit of RVP.

Of Van Persie, last week Sir Alex stated:

“There are other clubs interested in the player. We’ve shown an interest and that’s where we’re at at the moment.”

Van Persie is obviously coveted by United, City and Juventus and all three clubs have a lot to offer the Dutchman, the question is who will stump up the wages and even the transfer fee that it requires to sign him? Personally I can’t see it being United, in fact only this morning there’s been talk of him actually staying at Arsenal.

Then there’s Leighton Baines of course, a player who according to many people on twitter or other various social networks was practically already  United’s new left back. Has a bid been lodged for the former Wigan man? No. So until it is forgive me if I prefer to work under the assumption that Baines won’t be coming to United this Summer.

Let’s not forget Lucas Moura, a teenager who only a few weeks ago was unheard of and is now one of the most talked about on the planet. Some of the quotes I’ve seen regarding this particular transfer are almost beyond belief. In the space of only a few hours you can read that he is definitely not coming to United, a bid’s been accepted by Sao Paolo, a bid’s been rejected by Sao Paolo, Internazionale are about to sign him and he’s told his mum he wants to come to Old Trafford.

The only thing I’m actually sure of when it comes to United transfers is that I actually know sod all and until I see an official club statement, I’ll carry on concentrating about the players we have got not the ones we haven’t.

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