Date: 20th August 2012 at 10:25pm
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De Gea – How this boy isn’t rated by some fans still shocks me. What a class act. Pulled off ‘match-winning’ saves, one after the other. 9

Valencia – How many times have I said he’s too one dimensional? Collects the ball, runs to the corner and has his cross hit off the first man. Amateur. 3

Carrick – Poor boy just didn’t know how to cope with Fellaini today and we can’t blame him for it. His creativity was severely missed in midfield. 4

Vidic – Controlled the line well enough to make sure we only lost by the one goal. The sooner our defence gets fit again, the better. 5

Evra – Does he turn into superman during training sessions or something? How does he convince Sir Alex to play him when he performs like that. Can’t cross, can’t beat a man, and most worryingly, he can’t defend. 2

Nani- For someone asking for a new contract and a salary increase, he’s certainly helped Sir Alex knock a few quid off that deal. To help prove a point, he can start off learning how to take a corner. 2

Scholes – Our best player is nearly 40 year old. Make of that what you wish. 7

Cleverley – Good. Great, in fact, if you compare it to how everyone around him played. 6

Kagawa – Exciting, fast, agile. He seemed to play at a speed where none of the others could keep up. Looking forward to seeing more of him. 7

Welbeck – Big fan of his passing and link up play but none of that happened for him today. Looked slow and off-form. 4

Rooney – These Player Ratings aside, I’m actually a pretty mellow person when it comes to football. I don’t often get angry during a match, but the way Wayne played today, I was sat there screaming at the Tv crying for him to be subbed off.
If Wayne Rooney was a horse, he’d have been put down by now. 2


Van Persie – First glimpse of the kid was promising. Played a wonderful reverse pass which should have seen him set up our other new boy, Kagawa, for the equaliser. 6

Young – Played various crosses to nobody in particular. 4

Anderson – Meh.

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17 responses to “Player Ratings: United vs Everton”

  1. Afolabi says:

    I just don’t know what’s wrong with ferguson,is it because rooney is an english player thats why he decided to play him all through,for what he played all through yesterday if am the coach i would put him on bench for the next 4 games,cus he played NONSENSE,ferguson should reverse back to our 4-4-2 formation for the next game with kagawa surporting Van persie ,that would be good.

  2. Stone Roses says:

    Dude relax, rvp isn’t a kid and carrick isn’t a boy. And it was everton away, no easy fixture with 1 central def available.

  3. red sultan says:

    FUCK U ALL.ROoney playd wel.just like rvp when he came on n got lost.schlose dint play wel (back passing n bullied).

  4. Will you be saying relax when we lose the league by 3 points or goal difference dude? We are boring. If we stepped up the pace to somewhere near Kagawa’s we would have a chance but there’s too much tip tapping, sideways short passing at walking pace. The opposition can read it all day long.

  5. presley says:

    Good ratins. Evra is no more of Man U standard. The manager killed the match. Is he afraid of Rooney? Sub the dude. Even rafael would have been better upfront.