Date: 17th August 2012 at 1:39pm
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RVP joins United. Still doesn't seem real.....

RVP joins United. Still doesn't seem real.....

What is it with ex-City players and their digs at United, they’re fast becoming the new Liverpool, instead of John Aldridge stood outside Anfield spouting nonsense we’re now treated to a host former Blues giving us their opinion on all things Red.

The latest one is George Best’s former sidekick Rodney Marsh.

Marsh told BBC Sport:

“Van Persie is Ferguson’s last-ditch effort to reclaim the title back from Manchester City,”

“It tinges a touch of desperation on Manchester United’s part based on the fact that they have spent an incredible amount of money for an ageing player.”

“I thought Ferguson did fantastically to get United within one game of winning the title last season,” Marsh said.

“But I do feel that he’s looking at Mancini and the players that City have, and he’s like a magician pulling rabbits out of a hat trying to compete.

“More power to him, because I’m his biggest fan, but it does seem he is now threatened by the new sheriff in town and he’s going to try and slap him down.”

Van Persie didn’t find any love lost with the Arsenal faction either as Paul Merson, commented on Sky Sports this morning: “Alex Song would be a bigger miss than Van Persie.”

The reaction of former City and Arsenal players will come as no surprise, after all Gary Neville hardly sang Carlos Tevez’s praises when he left Old Trafford for Eastlands. Van Persie’s transfer has surprised many who assumed City would simply wave their chequebook and the Dutchman would come running. Many Reds now feel the Premier League is all but assured, but it would be foolish to be too overconfident before the season’s even started. United are in much better shape than last season, not just because of RVP but even more importantly the return of Nemanja Vidic, not to mention Paul Scholes starting the entire campaign, oh and then there’s the small matter of Shinji Kagawa.

United are looking good, but City won’t make it easy and don’t be surprised if Roberto Mancini has one more transfer left up his diamond encrusted sleeve.

Check out the BBC sport piece below:

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4 responses to “Van Persie Signing: “A Touch Of Desperation””

  1. Blue Tony says:

    ‘ what is it with ex city players and their diggs at Manchester united’ ? Erm, let me see? Your puerile banner? Maybe! This web site home page, ‘ not arrogant just better? Perhaps! Your stunning belief that your historic success was due to fairy dust and bringing on players aged 12 for their first team debut? Probably. Anyway, I’m gutted ! Just heard on Sky that Bobby Manc says United are favourites for the title! Congrats, Bobby Manc is rarely wrong. : )