Date: 12th October 2012 at 3:01am
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How much you on? Me too!

How much you on? Me too!

If the latest reports are to be believed then United and England midfielder Tom Cleverley is set to double his wages in a deal worth around £80,000 a week following a series of impressive performances this season for both club and country.

The Mirror notes:

Manchester United are ready to reward Tom Cleverley’s remarkable progress – by doubling his wages just ONE year after his current contract.

Talks are now underway to bring the England midfielder’s salary into line with some of the superstars at the club, after he confirmed his status as one of the most exciting young players in the country with a string of superb performances.

Cleverley is now a fixture in the England team, and is seen as a key part of Sir Alex Ferguson’s new-look United side as he looks to create a team that can dominate the Premier League for the next decade.

Crucially, the 23-year-old has begun to show the goals instinct that his manager has been hoping to see, and with his pivotal role in the United team, the Old Trafford board accept the player will demand a bigger deal.

He is currently on around £40,000 a week after signing a contract at the start of last season, but that was before he made any impact in both the Premier League or on the international stage.

Now though, Cleverley can expect to double his money, to reflect his status at the club… even if that will still leave him a long way short of some of the top earners at Old Trafford, such as Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie, who command more than twice that figure.

Handing Cleverley a deal that puts him on  a par with other young internationals such as Danny Welbeck and Chicharito seems like a bit of a no-brainer especially considering the recent performances the Bradford-born midfielder has put in. For once though allow me to err on the side of caution, I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ve been a massive fan of Cleverley ever since he came through the ranks and went out on loan to various clubs.

I’ve written various articles praising him for the past two seasons and have always thought he’d be a vital part of United’s future.

My only problem now is has Cleverley truly earned a new deal? Will it not perhaps make him think he’s already “made it” when in reality he hasn’t quite yet? Would it not be better to wait until he’s played a full season for the Reds and showed us that he can be relied upon, not just form-wise but on the fitness front as well. Let’s not forget that Cleverley has only made 21 appearances for United’s first team -seven of them as a substitute-  and at this stage last season was being thought of as integral to our season, only to see it all but end for him in September with an injury at the Reebok.

We saw Danny Welbeck play 32 games last season, before he was offered a deal believed to be around £75, 000 this Summer. Being an England international shouldn’t automatically mean you’re entitled to a lot more money, although it does obviously mean you’re on the right track. I know £80,000 a week isn’t a lot compared to the money bonfire going on at the Etihad, I just wonder whether telling Cleverley he’ll get a new deal at the end of the season once he’s completed a full campaign isn’t such a bad idea? Cleverley’s current deal lasts until 2015, he’s not going anywhere and according to the Mirror, United are looking to tie up a new one before the year’s out.

Am I being silly? Is it time to hand Tom the deal his talents deserve or would waiting seven months really be that bad?

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3 responses to “Is It Too Much Too Soon For Tom Cleverley?”

  1. Maui says:

    It’s a show of good faith and something the club has been doing for a while. However it’s no guarantee of games as can be seen with Hernandez. I doubt he’ll be bumped up to the same as Carrick though; my guesstimate would be £60k plus bonuses which the £80k probably includes, which would be unpredictable and just serve sensationalism.

    In terms of “made it”, playing for Man Utd and England sure seems there to me. He may not be “finished” but when you look at both squads and pin him as a regular then yes, he’s already “made it” regardless of appearances.

  2. Ak says:

    That good for cleverley he deserve that promotion after his recent performance and a mindblowing goal in newcastle match.