Date: 10th November 2012 at 12:06am
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Berba- still missed by many of us.

Berba- still missed by many of us.

Former United striker Dimitar Berbatov has spoken of his time at Old Trafford and revealed he believes he gave his all in his 149 game career with the Reds. 

Speaking to the Sun the Bulgarian noted:

I left Manchester United with my head held very high.

“I gave 100 per cent and no one could doubt my performances, especially when you compare how many minutes I actually played.

“I was the Premier League’s top goalscorer in 2010-11 and never wanted to be on the bench.

“Perhaps I needed to play more but I always accepted the manager’s orders. I never considered myself to be a star — only a forward working for the team.”

Berbatov divided opinion among United fans, with many believing his languid style to be simply too laid back for a team that often favoured fast-paced football, while some commenting how his ability on the ball brought a new dimension to the side.

Whether you’re a Berba-lover or hater, there’s no denying the striker at least gave us some memorable moments in a spell that saw him net 57 goals, most notably a hat-trick against a Liverpool side who’d somehow managed to almost sneak away from Old Trafford with an undeserved draw.

Regardless of whether you’re a Berbatov fan or not, two titles in four years is hardly a bad return for a player that also managed to top the Premier League goal scoring charts in his penultimate season.

My own view of Berbatov is he was a gamble worth taking, as though he may not have quite lived up to expectation the titles he helped deliver and the skills he treated us to were a joy to behold – and unlike a certain Argentinean, the lure of money, or the frustration of sitting on the bench weren’t a problem for Dimitar.
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4 responses to ““I Left Manchester United With My Head Held Very High””

  1. lamar says:

    I’d take that argentinean and his goals over berba’s “silks” ANY DAY.

  2. akinbola says:

    Gentleman. I would take him over that cunt over at wastelands everyday

  3. Aransey says:

    barbe is a great player n skilful footballer …. i luv his game so much but sumtime it main to happen

  4. Berba is a real star & i love him.
    I’m wishing him the very best were ever he is.
    I’m a True Man-united fan.