Date: 11th December 2012 at 12:51pm
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Ando- it's difficult not to like the guy

Ando- it’s difficult not to like the guy

An injury that keeps a player out for two months should never be classed as ‘career threatening’ yet if you’ll forgive me for the slight melodrama, Anderson’s latest knock could put his United prospects in jeopardy.

This season the Brazilian has been something of a revelation, finally it seems fulfilling the potential he showed when he first arrived at Old Trafford. It amazing to think that was over five years ago now that Anderson joined from Porto and despite glimpses we’ve yet to see a full season of decent football from him.

At the beginning of the last campaign  Anderson formed a partnership with Tom Cleverley which decimated sides the way United’s midfield used to many years ago, before an injury to the Englishman seemed to make the Brazilian’s season implode. It’s not just form that Anderson’s struggled with it’s fitness and injury. Over the past five years Anderson has missed large chunks of each season through injury and more tellingly has never looked the same player returning from a knock as he did before it. 

The latest hamstring injury was at first reported as keeping Anderson out for three to four weeks but now there’s been reports that it could be a tear that sidelines him until February. That’s the problem, should Ando come back in February looking overweight or struggling for fitness, he may not be given the chance to fully earn his place back in the side as ‘squeaky bum time’ beckons.  There’s also the fact that United may buy a midfielder in January, possibly moving Anderson down the pecking order somewhat.

The most Premier League starts Anderson has made in a season is 16 – back in 2007/08 and you have to wonder just how long Sir Alex will persist with a player who seems to take one step forward then another one back, almost perrenially.

Like most Reds, I’ve warmed to Anderson again this season -after losing patience with him somewhat in the last campaign, I just hope we see the same driving force we saw against the likes of QPR and Reading and not what we witnessed as too many points during 2011/12.


4 responses to “Can Anderson Come Back From This?”

  1. timbo says:

    The fact he pulled up his shirt not so long ago to reveal his 6-pack still doesn’t convince that he’s ever playing at 100% fitness. Granted, he possesses a chunky kind of build – so did the greatest of all, Pele – but I do wonder if all the leg injuries aren’t about carrying that extra few and unnecessary pounds, especially with that build in mind.

    He could also be well-served by following the example of Giggs and taking up Yoga, which helped the Welshman get over his perennial issues with hamstring tears and strains.

    He might care to look at his physiology and see how well he’s stretching both his legs and particularly his lower back, which can have an effect on the pelvis and thus the upper leg muscles. Concentrating too much on the abs throws everything out of balance, because people don’t give that much of a damn about how well defined their lower back muscles look.

  2. Andrew says:

    Anderson is injury prone and there isn’t anything more we can do about this. I actually thought Anderson was out for 3 weeks but now it seems to be 2 months. I’m not surprised because a long injury for Anderson is normally part of our season now.

    Anderson is a terrific lad but he hasn’t always put football first unfortunately. I feel with these constant injuries we can never rely on him. In all honesty neither Anderson or Nani have become the world beaters we had hoped when they signed together. I believe Anderson has the determination and hunger to be a success now, but he no longer has the body to handle the demands.

    I think the time has come for Ferguson to look at new options. Tom Cleverley is a massive bonus and he has great potential. I hope he can continue to grow and become a terrific box to box midfielder. Carrick is quality and is still the first name on the team sheet. In relation to these two players we have Fletcher. I do believe a new signing would boost this area, someone with more power like Kevin Strootman.

    I believe we will be saying goodbye to the legends in Giggs and Scholes at the end of the season. I also have a feeling we will be saying goodbye to the two guys we signed to replace them, Anderson and Nani.

  3. NathonW says:

    We’ve had it all before with Hargreaves.

  4. rudeboy says:

    guys what bt Kagawa. I still feel he can make d difference dis season