Date:13th December 2012 at 2:41am
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Is there still United life left in him yet?

Is there still United life left in him yet?

So the pictures of Nani at Arsenal’s training ground turned out to be a load of nonsense with news it was actually the Portuguese winger’s girlfriend’s son, he was visiting – or watching at Watford’s training ground next door- the Gunners old facility. 

Of course this didn’t stop the social media networks, not to mention many media outlets assuming that Nani is somehow destined for the Emirates – in an even more unlikely scenario as some form of makeweight in a deal to bring Theo Walcott to Old Trafford.

While Nani’s United future looks far from assured with rumours of training ground bust ups with academy players, the fans on his case and contract negotiations seemingly at a deadlock, he hasn’t left the club yet.

An injury to Ashley Young and all of a sudden Nani seems far more important than he may do right now, regardless of the poor form we’ve seen this season.

Winger’s are nothing if not inconsistent and with United currently six points clear at the top of the table, through to the next round in the Champions League and Nani one of our more experienced players, would Sir Alex really ‘get rid’ of him while things are looking so good and the possibility he may be needed?