Date: 2nd December 2012 at 12:11am
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Lindegaard – How is this boy in goal ahead of De Gea? Poor keeping for both the second and third goal. Stuck on his line and lacked any authority in the box, especially from set-pieces. Lucky to not have cost is a few more. 3

Rafael – The only explanation I could come up with as to why he was brought off half an hour into the game tonight is that he was unable to compete with the opposition’s aerial threat. Regardless, Sir Alex should have done his homework and researched that beforehand. Wasted substitution, poor Rafael. 4

Rio – Should have commanded the team better when defending from corners but was nowhere to be seen. Did win some good headers though. 6

Evans – Beaten in the air all too easily and cost us as a result. His attacking attributes won us a penalty though. 5

Evra – Added a new dimension to our play by making some surging runs in the first half, and even set up Rooney. Disappeared soon afterwards. 6

Anderson – Always looked capable of dictating the game, scored a beauty but he unfortunately picked up an injury too. Might be a massive loss for the derby. 8

Fletcher  РPushed off the ball too easily and sloppy with his passing, his prolonged disappointing form in the first team spells some worry for his long term career at Old Trafford. 5

Carrick – Moved the ball well and helped keep possession in tight situations rather than clearing the ball in a panic. 6

Young – Why can’t he pass to one of our players instead of the opposition? Lost the ball all too often, but he did create some good chances so fair play. 6

Rooney – Worked hard and started to show his quality up front by bagging two and setting up the winner with a classy pass. That’s more like it. 7

Van Persie РShould have bagged three if not for a shocking miss and even worse refereeing.  6


Smalling – Brought in early on and helped settle the defence down. Should have started though. Wasted substitution. 7

Jones – Played ahead of his usual role but lacked any real quality to set up the strikers. 5

Welbeck – Helped defend from upfront by closing down the Reading defence. 6

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7 responses to “Player Ratings: United vs Reading”

  1. Greatman says:

    Additional comments:
    Lindegaard – He is just OK but not the first team choice. Fergie should focus to DGA to make him a stable keeper.
    Fletcher – He was too slow and easy to loss the ball. Besides, he was not willing to chase the ball and do defensive. He is still not capable to the first team choice. This was one of the reason we lost many goal last night.
    Young – He was playing better than previous few games but his pass and beating skill is not the class.
    Evra – I believed he is very hard to replace because he does so well on offensive all time. But, he is always not consistent in defensive. His performance last night was pretty good. We should give him credit.
    Jone – He is still not in sharp. He was not willing to make headers and chasing the ball. His pass was terrible as usual. I’m always so doubtful how Fergie wants to put him in which position. He should place him somewhere constantly, otherwise, it is very difficult to make this youngster’s growth fast.
    RVP – He missed 3 golden chance, otherwise, they should play that hard.

  2. Ishan says:

    Sorry to say but you have got it all wrong…

    Lindegaard – not even a 3, he deserves may be 0.5…he was non existent for me, not one save was noteworthy neither did he command the box when crosses came in. I remember de gea punching a few crosses out of the box during final 10 minutes of our game against villa…Please bring him back

    Rafael – 4, he was taken off because 1)picked an early yellow 2)was unable to block the crosses 3)getting increasingly frustated n turning into a liability

    Ferdinand – 4, as the seniormost the command was lacking..did tighten up in second half though

    Evans – 5, guilty for conceding two goals.. but earned a penalty for us too..he had an off game but is one of the consistent performers for united for last 18 months

    Evra – 5, unable to block the crosses like rafael..provided one assist

    Carrick & Fletcher – 5 each, ok-ok performance..getting the job done..since we didnt concede from centre of park so they did a good job as holding midfielders..provided nothing in form of creativity upfront

    Anderson – how can you give him a 8 when he played only 35 minutes..that has long been a problem with anderson..he is not fit enough..people keep asking SAF why you dont give him starts..see what happens..he just cant last that long..2nd start in space of 4 days and he breaks down
    for the time he was on pitch, did win a few balls..nice touch for setting up his goal and a nice finish my score 6

    Young – for a change young was inspiring for me..assist for anderson with a weighted the cross in for disallowed rvp behind the defenders many a times
    I do agree that he was dispossessed many times but you can expect that since he is not in a rich vein of form…7

    Rooney – 7 nice game for him..2 goals n 1 assist..was commanding the game..prob SAF rant fired him up

    RVP – 7 had a decent game..people are saying he should have got the goal when he dispossessed their keeper but the touch took the ball away from goal and it was not easy to finish on turn..

    Subs -:

    Smalling – 6 did well after coming on..stopped the crosses from coming short was an inspired subsitution from SAF

    Jones – 5 killed all the creativity we had when ando was on..he surges forward due to his physicality but in the end can not find the right pass..not his fault though he is a centre half and not a CM

    Welbeck – 5, didnt make much of a difference

    Man Utd – 4
    Pathetic performance from us..defending was non existent..a team higher in the table can finish us off..conceding three to reading is was like kids playing, you get a goal, i’ll get another
    Creativity from midfield died once ando was injured
    Strike force have been good this season and they just stressed it again..but still scoring 4 goals against reading is no big deal

    We must tighten it up..its derby next week..I want a bloody revenge


  3. NathonW says:

    Evans is fuckin shit. The sooner people realise this, the better.

    “He has been our most consistent performer for 18 months…blah blah snooze”

    Yes, but these 18 months have been our worst defensive 18 months for 25 years.

  4. NathonW says:

    Good analysis by the way, I am just getting annoyed with people failing to see the obvious.