Date:10th January 2013 at 2:13am
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"if we pray really hard we may sign for a big club."

“if we pray really hard we may sign for a big club.”

Ever since Billy Meredith moved from the Blue half of Manchester to the Red one way back in 1906 United have been synonymous with pulling off suprise transfer deals. It’s almost as if even the most unlikeliest of deals somehow seems possible when it comes to the ‘Premier League’s biggest club.’ Eric Cantona, Andy Cole and even Dwight Yorke have all been shock transfers at one point or another  but for many the signing of Robin Van Persie has now made almost any signing seem possible.

Trawling through the latest names linked with moves to United and many of them are quite frankly laughable and even dare I say somewhat ludicrous- and I’m not talking in a ‘different area codes’ kinda way. Pepe Reina Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole are just three names I’ve read on one news outlet or another seemingly destined for Old Trafford- not to mention a certain Portuguese winger who won the Ballon D’or when he played for a big team…… Of course if you truly believe that these players are due to come to United you can have a flutter on it with Football betting (click here) at Top Bet although I’d be more tempted to put my money on Fernando Torres not scoring this weekend.

Part of the reason such names are so readily bandied about without fear of ridicule seems to be the Robin Van Persie factor which works on two levels.

1. No matter how valuable a player may seem to our rivals it’s now possible we can still sign him.

2. Age doesn’t matter, after all we spent 20 odd million pounds on a 29 year old, so the ‘only signing young players’ ideal goes out of the window.

The problem with these fallacies of logic is that they are just that, RVP is a once in a lifetime type player who Sir Alex rightly knew would elevate the team to a whole new level. The likes of Lampard, Cole and Reina would be lucky to make United’s bench and are not the sort of  ‘characters’ you’d automatically associate with inspiring youngsters.

It seems the acquisition of Van Persie has now opened the floodgates to far-fetched rumours suddenly being given a modicum of credence, well I’m sorry but this fan just isn’t buying it. Until I see any transfer announced on the official club site I won’t even believe the Wifried Zaha rumours which seem to be gathering pace.

If one bad thing has come from RVP’s arrival- and believe me it’s the only bad thing I can possibly think of, it’s that we’re now forced to endure even more laughable transfer rumours than ever before… so just when is Lionel Messi arriving?