Date: 11th January 2013 at 2:29am
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'Stevie G' gets an early bath for a reckless challenge on Carrick in the FA Cup

‘Stevie G’ gets an early bath for a reckless challenge on Carrick in the FA Cup

All the talk ahead of United versus Liverpool this Sunday seems to be on whether Robin Van Persie or Luis Suarez will be the one to tip the balance in favour of either side.

While there’s no denying both the Dutchman and the cheating… sorry, the Uruguayan are both going to have a big say in the outcome, the real key battle may actually be between two Englishmen.

Steven Gerrard has rediscovered his goal scoring touch with three in his last five, not to mention providing many of the assists that Suarez has benefited from. If Liverpool are to have any chance of causing an upset against a side 21 points above them in  the table then there’s no doubt they’re going to need their skipper firing on all cylinders.

The problem facing both Liverpool and Gerrard is the ‘fact’ a certain underrated midfielder is currently enjoying the best form of his career and has dominated the likes of Yaya Toure this season as he’s made sure Sir Alex’s reluctance to buy a CM hasn’t cost him too dearly.

Michael Carrick has been outstanding of late and while it would be foolish to try and measure his contribution in terms of goals- or lack of them- or assists, the ‘facts’ speak for themselves. United sit top of the Barclays Premier League by seven points and Carrick has played all but one of the 21 games that have taken them there- against bottom side Queens Park Rangers.

Carrick has been described by Rio Ferdinand as the man who ‘can put out fires before they start’ and if United’s seasoned midfielder can keep Gerrard quiet on Sunday then you’d fully expect the side at the top of the table to defeat the one currently sat in eighth.

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8 responses to “Forget RVP & Suarez, Is This Is The Key Battle For Sunday?”

  1. patrick says:

    “Carrick has been described by Rio Ferdinand as the man who ‘can put out fires before they start” Hasn’t United’s defensive play this season been very leaky? RVP is the difference no doubt.
    It was a good article, but I found the “cheat” remark in bad taste.

  2. Rojas says:

    Dirty MANC author!! Dont call Suarez a cheater when your strongest player Valencia michael jackson look alike flew through the air when Johnson’s leg hair touched him lets not forget your other divers “Young and Nani” so shuuuush WANC!!!!

  3. al wharrier says:

    michael carrick couldn’t lace that gerrard guy’s boots

  4. Jonathan says:

    I see you could not resist a not so subtle jibe at Suarez. Have you and others forgotten that van Persie handled the ball into the Liverpool net and claimed the goal only to be denied by the ref. Even the commentators thought it was a goal until they saw the replay. I do not condone what Suarez did but all the other blatant cheating seems to go unnoticed.

  5. Reddevil says:

    Funny the the number of sensitive scousers on our Manchester play ground today. Accept it, Suarez is a dirty player, albeit a highly skilful and dangerous one. He is an irreplaceable asset an a moral liability all wrapped in one. But like all red scousers you lot will blame and find fault with everyone else but your own.

  6. Seanzo says:

    Whats with people who support other teams reading United blogs? I understand you guys are shite, but really? Do you think anyone would get agitated if you called rooney a fat scouse? No, facts are facts.