Date: 30th January 2013 at 1:24am
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These shenanigans may be a thing of the past

These shenanigans may be a thing of the past

Seems bizarre doesn’t it that Manchester City a club labelled the ‘richest in the world’, one that’s been heavily criticised for supposedly ‘buying’ the title is now facing the prospect of having to deal with only a small squad to choose from. Only last week City boss Roberto Mancini was lamenting the size of his squad:

“I don’t know but we don’t have enough players. It is difficult [to bring any in]. We are 18 players now. We can’t sell any players.”

Today came the news that despite Mancini’s insistence that striker Mario Balotelli would not be sold in this transfer window it now seems the Italian striker is on his way to AC Milan.

Looking at the players who’ve exited the Etihad since City’s title win last season, its not hard from a United point of view to be more than a little pleased.

While the departures of the likes of Ahmed Benali, Vladmir Weiss and Owen Hargreaves is hardly like to affect even a non-league side, when you consider that Nigel De Jong, Adam Johnson and now Mario Balotelli have now left the club it does make you wonder if City are actually weaker than last season. Take Johnson for example, hardly a fans’ favourite at the Etihad but 26 appearances a couple of assists and six goals last season means he played his part. Who have City brought in that could be classed as a replacement? Scott Sinclair- hardly a step forward for the squad. The sale of De Jong was a bit of a surprise for many City fans as unlike Johnson the Dutchman was fairly popular among the Blue faithful. 21 appearances- ten of them as substitute – last season showed he played his part, especially when offering the likes of Yaya Toure the chance to push further up the pitch. City have obviously spent money on midfielders in the likes of Jack Rodwell and Javi Garcia but you have to wonder whether that is a step forward or even sideways and not a slight weakening of the squad.

Losing Balotelli may seem like a good thing to some City fans after all he’s obviously had his problems, but with 13 goals last season – plus a somewhat vital assist- there’s no denying the Italian played his part in bringing the title to the Etihad.

With Carlos Tevez enduring something of a lean spell in front of goal- plus also being as predictable as the weather – selling Balotelli, despite his erratic behaviour, may just be an edge towards City losing the title it took them so long to gain.

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6 responses to “Have Manchester City Sold The Title?”

  1. Daniel Mathers says:

    I think the Spaniards there have gone over Mancini’s head and written off the league now and it’s easy sailing for United. They will probably use all the money from sales and contracts running out to build a better team next season……………. and maybe a better manager, Mancini is OK but only Mourinho or Jugen Klopp could go head to head with Fergie over many years now that Guardiola isn’t available.

    • Daniel Mathers says:

      Forgot to say I heard from a trainer at the club I know that they have agreed to sell Dzeko to Borusia Dortmund for a similar price in the summer too. Maybe thats why he plays with a face like a smacked arse.

  2. wiuru says:

    History will record that they bought thier way to the top.It is nothing to do with mcfc the club more team Mansour both the team and business . The shiekh wants to be top of the pile but i sense he dosnt want to be thought of as a joke. The revolving door being one and FFP playing its part also .

  3. Kashere2011 says:

    To sell or not , we already have an edge over city. The epl title is heading to its native home in may.

  4. Goatfacekillah says:

    Nice to see an article on a United blog that’s thought provoking and balanced rather than being an excuse to have a dig.

    I think we probably blew the title after the derby. United’s form’s looked unstoppable since then. Points will be dropped but I don’t see the differential closing in our favour short of a bizarre collapse. It’s always possible; last season was about as unexpected as things get.

  5. This is a very good piece and something I have thought a lot about.

    Mancini was so sure nobody would be sold that I do believe it has been done against his will.

    De Jong should never have been sold – he was a leader and a nasty bugger who protected the rest. It doesn’t matter if he was past it, he was protection.

    I am delighted this has happened. I do not think it is over, but it does help.